Friday, 16 April 2021

Childhood + Water, Vivocity, Singapore

A free form fountain at the front of the shopping mall. In the tropic, it isn't surprising that fountains are common fixtures in large shopping malls. Not just for viewing pleasure for adults, but double up as playground activity for kids.

Night is where it shows its alluring colours.

What would be more appropriate than a snowman in the equatorial Singapore? If water isn't enough, what about the psychology of the cold?

It may have been a lot fatter when it was installed in 2006. The sun has helped it to shed some volume. In a few years time, the only thing left may just be its skeleton / tongue depressor.

"Snowman" by Inges Idee

The cable car that connects the Singapore main island to Sentosa island.

A "street" view of the above scene.

Panorama view of Sentosa across the strait.

All that white flakes aren't snow...

Chinese New Year  lantern display for the Year of the Monkey (2016) next to the fountain.

More lantern (in a Japanese restaurant)...Who says pigs can't fly?

From paper monkey to pig lanterns to cranes. To the Japanese, symbol of Luck; to the Chinese longevity.

Display found in Nespresso shop

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