Making Amateur Film in Singapore

My Journey into Amateur / Indie Film Making with Reel Frenz Group

My IMDB Filmography

Movie Clapper Board
Project 1: Once Upon a Stormy Night (renamed to Rojak)
           IMDB Entry           Official Website
26.01.2013 My 1st Audition
04.02.2013 Announcing the Cast and Schedule
21.02.2013 Scene Rehearsal Night
10.03.2013 Production Meeting
18.03.2013 Chroma Key Filming
03.07.2013 Website Development

Movie Clapper Board
Project 2: Yokai and Heart Flutters
22.06.2013  The Birth of Project 2
21.09.2013  Pitching Script for Cast and Crew
13.10.2013  2nd Casting Call
16.11.2013  My 1st Film Directing
26.05.2014  Yokai the Short Film on Youtube
           IMDB Entry             Official Website

Movie Clapper Board
The 48 Hour Film Project
30.11.2013  The 48 Hour Film Project 2013
           IMDB Entry             Official Website

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