Blogging & SEO

I'm a casual blogger who wants to share info and personal experiences. BUT, if I want my blog to get read, I need to do some SEO. Since I'm a casual blogger, I don't want to put too much time into doing SEO. The entries below describe some of these efforts.

13.04.2015   Tynt the Widget
10.03.2015   Google Ranks Websites according to Facts, not just Links. Here's Why?
19.06.2014   What Widgets Installed in my Sidebar and Why
22.05.2013   How Important is a Good Blog Post Title in Google Search ?
03.03.2013   Simplest Related Posts Widget for Your Blogger Posts
31.01.2013   Test for the Great Firewall of China
11.01.2013   Blogger Vs FlagCounter PageView Stats

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