Architecture, Art & Design

  A r t   {* For its own sake *}
04.09.2016    Singapore's Love of Ju Ming's Sculptures
08.05.2016    Pavilion Crystal Fountain and Mall, KL
18.01.2016    3D Street Art and Other Tricky Arts
27.11.2015    National Gallery Singapore Opening Visit
01.05.2015    Singapore Outdoor Public Art Trail Around Raffles Place
10.04.2015    MoCA @ Loewen: My Takes on the Chinese Contemporary Art Scene
25.03.2015    Orchard Road Art Trail No. 3: ION Orchard
25.03.2015    Orchard Road Art Trail No. 2: Orchard Central
25.03.2015    Orchard Road Art Trail No. 1: Orchard Gateway
04.03.2015    Ju Ming's Taichi Series Exhibition at Botanic Gardens
08.02.2015    Merlion Walk and Antoni Gaudi
20.01.2015    Singapore River Outdoor Statues and Sculptures Walking Trail
07.01.2015    Jeppe Hein Modified Social Benches @ Raffles Place

  A r c h i t e c t u r e   {* Art with civil engineering *}
12.09.2016    Tanjong Pagar Railway Station
30.08.2016    Sandcrawler Building in One-North, Singapore
14.05.2016    Wilayah Mosque, KL, Malaysia
11.05.2016    KL Historic City Centre, Malaysia
23.07.2015    Singapore City Gallery
08.05.2015    Shophouses in Bukit Pasoh St Neighbourhood in Chinatown
10.02.2015    Gardens by the Bay: Supertrees Grove
27.10.2014    Walt Disney, King Ludwig II and Neuschwanstein Castle
12.10.2014    Art-Deco Imperial Hotel in Prague
12.10.2014    Prague: The Tale of 2 City Gates
09.10.2014    Cologne Cathedral
29.09.2014    The Giant Egg and The Bird's Nest of Beijing
17.04.2013    Glasgow Merchant City Architectural Walk
02.04.2013    Outdoor Sculpture Museum in La Defense
01.04.2013    Axe Historique (Historical Axes) of Paris

  D e s i g n   {* Art with science or technology *}
16.03.2016    i light Festival Marina Bay: Day 14 Visit
08.03.2016    i light Festival Marina Bay: Day 5 Visit
22.03.2015    DesignStage 2015 at MAD Museum of Art and Design
12.03.2015    Heatherwick Studio Exhibition in Singapore National Design Centre

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