Friday, 16 October 2020

Funny Caption 79: Flat Headed Ant

Phragmotic-headed ant. Image by Alex Wild


"My mum the Queen Ant dropped me on my head when I was a baby."

"Say what? You want to use my head to plug your bottle of wine?!"

"One day I sat under a tree and contemplated about gravity, an apple fell on me."

"I can hold several numbers, as well as carry them over in my head."

"Sometimes on the 6th Day (about 10:56pm), while creating ants, God got bored, and needed a little variety for laughs."

"So glad I don't attend normal ant schools."

"I'm often mistaken for soldier ant who wears a hat. I'm a drone, sadly or luckily."

"I totally hate that 'Knock knock, who's there?' joke. So stop it!"

"The hammerhead shark and me is a now an item. We go together like hammer and nail ever since it side-eyed me."

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