Saturday, 21 October 2017

La Nonna: Delish Gourmet Pizza with Truffle

La Nonna
26 Lor Mambong,
Singapore 277685

 The Place 

It's located in Holland Village, which is only 10 mins walk from our place. This is the 1st time we checked out this place. Although we have tried their pizza deliveries several times. Despite the distance, we the couch potatoes couple couldn't get ourselves to walk to the restaurant (on hot day, we wouldn't even need to do deliveries. We would be cooked enough to eat each other. I wouldn't call that cannibalism. Potato is a vegetarian diet).

As night falls, vehicular traffic is blocked for pedestrian

Today, with a sudden surge of energy (like a bolt from the blue), we decided to hit La Nonna and eat pizza fresh off their wood-fried oven, the way pizza is intended to eat (so i'm told my wise ones. I'm not referring to Yoda or Socrates. Maybe Julius Caesar. Use the fork, folks! Use the fork!).

 The Food 

La Nonna, Holland Village, Singapore
Not until i received my ala bill that i realizsed that La Nonna is part of Spizza

La Nonna Pizza with Extra Salami :  8 / 10.

This is their signature pizza. It's gourmet pizza, meaning they're thin-crusted. If you want quantity over quality with crust that's as thick as sitting pad, swimming in cheese and toppings as chunky as Dwayne Johnson, you can stick with the well-known American fast-food restaurant brands. I won't name names. I don't have to. But if you want quality, and if you want to follow the Roman's way, you should sample their thin-crusted pizza (ok, this is Tuscan pizza, not Roman. As i'm not Italian, so potayto, potahto). In any case, thin crust leads to thin figure (go ahead and whistle, i dun mind).

When i was 1st greeted with this pizza, it stared at me with its sunny-side up, 1 of my eyebrow was raised. Once i sunk my teeth into it, both of my eyebrows were raised with gleeful abandonment.

Since i enjoyed French cooking where truffle popped up here and there, so i've some acquaintance with this high-prized friend of the fungi world (I'm a big sucker of fungi realm in general). This black truffle works well with this pizza, giving it an extra kick.

If you like truffle, you'll find yourself like a kid in a candy store (more likely a video store. Kids don't get that excited about candies nowadays). They also serve a pasta dish with truffle as well. I haven't tried it, yet. Maybe next time.

Signature pizza, La Nonna, Holland Village, Singapore

Tiramisu :  7.5 / 10.

Reasonably moist and spongy. Could have been softer. Not too sweet, which is perfect. I like my teeth intact (i need them to eat tiramisu. If they're soft enough, i can eat it with my gums).

Tiramisu, La Nonna, Holland Village, Singapore

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