Monday, 7 August 2017

Inaniwa Yosuke (稲庭養助): The Silkiest Udon I've Eaten (in Singapore)

435 Orchard Road  #04-45
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, 
Singapore 238877

 The Place 

It's located in Japan Food Town in Wisma Atria shopping mall. It's the 1st time i visited there, although Ada reminded me that i've been there before. I take her words for it. The Japanese establishments here are in general more upmarket and its bill-of-fare consists of high priced dishes. This is why lowly foodie like myself frequent there in low frequency. Hence my strange familiarity of the place. The 50% off have lured me there today like bee to honey (or candy to kids or white powder to 17th century French visconte or Japanese geisha). We booked it through the eatigo app.

Inaniwa Yosuke, Singapore

Inaniwa Yosuke, Singapore

According to their literature, their secret Inaniwa udon secret recipe was developed in 1665 (just a year before the Great London Fire) only to serve the imperial court members. It wasn't until 1860 that the udon went public. So a lowly (but extremely humble) pleb like myself feel doubly (because of the half price) honoured to taste their udon today.

Below is a poster on their wall.

Inaniwa Yosuke, Singapore
Look up the's a's a's ramen!
I too love to play with food. Does it play Sakura, my fave Japanese folk song?

 The Food 
Inaniwa Yosuke, Singapore

Inaniwa Yosuke restaurant, Singapore
From top left to bottom right: soup base with ingredients, the famous udon, raw egg, garnishes, peanut desert, and extra soup

I ordered the Beef Tsuke Nabe Udon. The udon didn't disappoint. It's the silkiest udon i've ever sampled, in Singapore (i emphasized Singapore because i did taste smoother noodles in Osaka, if my memories served as well as the Japanese waitress. Flying to Osaka for a good udon is bad for wealth). So no head is rolled today (if we're living in 1665 - 1855). The soup is delicious, but slightly sweet for my taste buds (which prefer bitterness. Like owner like palate). It could be described as "I'm sophisticated, but modest and understated because i'm Japanese." Take a bow(l).

The beef - while it's not from the wagyu cows that received massage (probably an urban a countryside legend) - it's still nice enough. I actually much prefer these leaner beef over the fat brown cows any day. Of course, if they put wagyu beef into the soup, my wallet will lose a lot of weight after eating the fatty beef. Call me crazy (or healthy, wealthy and wise. It's up to you), i love a fat wallet and lean beef.

The desert is mildly familiar, but kept me in suspense as to its ingredient. Since i don't have peanut allergy, i can't swear to its existence.

If they keep up the half price, i'll keep up twice the visits. Deal?

Overall score: 8 / 10.

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