Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Singapore Airline's Premium Economy Class

The airline industry may rank the 2 ME airlines, either Emirates or Qatar Airways, ahead of SIA (Singapore Airlines) from time to time. I'm probably biased, to me, SIA is still the best in the world. In any case, SIA has never really strayed far away from the top 3 spot for many years.

It's interesting that the best airlines in the world come from countries that have no domestic airline because they're so small. I supposed that they're countries that are considered as transportation hubs in their regions. It's certainly true for Singapore and UAE (Singapore also has the best airport in the world, for the same reason).

1 of the reason that SIA is 1 of the top airline to me is their innovative product / service offerings. One of such service is their newly introduced Premium Economy Class. (They also one of the 1st airline to use the gigantic jumbo-jet Airbus A380. And the 1st flight they operate with it is in fact the flight from Singapore to Sydney (the very flight i'm taking right now). The other 2 airline that use it is Emirates and Lufthansa. Well, A380 is a German plane, mostly).

Singapore Changi Airport

We took the opportunity of our 7+ hours flight from Singapore to Sydney to check out their Premium Economy Class. This is a long enough flight to shell out extra cash for the extra comfort. While we can't justify to spend on Business Class that cost some 400% over the standard Economy Class, but a 20% extra for the Premium Economy is within the budget on this trip, which we took on 21 June 2017.

Having experienced the Premium Economy Class, i have to say that it had given me more bang for my bucks.

Singapore airlines seats in Premium economy class
Seats with fat armrests

The extra legroom and butt-space are of course welcoming for a long flight. But the large elbow rooms is a blessing while in the sky. In a typical economy, the 2 adjacent passengers share a narrow bar that we call armrests, where we typically have to fight over. An added discomfort to crammed space. If the 2 neighbouring passengers are strangers, then the sharing of that little stick becomes an embarrassing encounter. There has never been an instruction manual that explains the social etiquette of armrest sharing. The best we usually end up with is some uncomfortable faux pas.

With the long flight, having a decent in-flight entertainment could also save the day. And with bigger seats, it also accompanies with larger HD screen (13.3 inch, a typical PC laptop monitor), which is considerably larger than the ones in the standard economy class. It comes with proper earphones instead of earplugs to reduce noise better. The touchscreen monitor is also a nice touch (no pun intended), free of wiring, instead of fiddling with a handset control.

3 Likes and a blow kiss from me.

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