Monday, 12 June 2017

Yunnan Garden Restaurant

Yunnan Garden Restaurant
1 Fusionopolis Place #02 - 02
Galaxis Singapore 138522

Used to visit a Yunnan restaurant that was minutes walk from our place in Sydney. I can recall a large portrait of Chairman Mao adorned its wall. Because of the large portrait, i thought that Yunnan was Mao's birthplace (confusing Yunnan with Hunan, which is Mao's actual birthplace). While Yunnan cuisine isn't as distinctive as Cantonese or Sichuan's, but it's worth trying out.

Unlike Western gourmet restaurant that tends to have only a dozen of dishes in their menu, the typical Chinese restaurant offer close to hundred. Since Yunnan dishes don't have such variety (at least, not in this restaurant), many other non-Yunnan dishes are added into the menu. So we ordered anything with the word "Yunnan" in it.

 The Place 

The restaurant is located in Fusionopolis, which in turn is located in One-North, which is the hub (a fave Singapore word) for Singapore cutting-edge research district, especially in biotechnology and offices for media company. And the company names and architectures of the district are reflecting that.

Fusionopolis building, One-North, Singapore
Fusionopolis building (left), Galaxis (right)

Galaxis building, One-North, Singapore

 The Food 

Mee Pok with XO Sauce:  8 / 10
This is one of the Singaporean dish that fills up the menu, and the best dish we tried. You can't really go wrong with XO sauce and this doesn't disappoint. The noodles are springy enough. Quite appetizing.

Deep Fried Yunnan Spare Ribs:  7.5 / 10
Is it my imagination, or this spare ribs dish is almost a twin to Peking Pork Rib (京東排骨) with its sweet and sour sauce. The meat is reasonably juicy and tender. While I'm not into sweet and sour sauce, if that's your cup of tea or sauce, give this a try.

Yunnan Steamed Tofu Topped with Shrimps:  7 / 10
The presentation is certainly nice, where the tofu surrounded in sauce like lotus floating in a pond. The tofu or bean curd is smooth and silky enough, but that couldn't be said about the prawns, which are likely to be frozen. Maybe it's too much to ask for fresh prawns. Okay lah !

Overall:  7.5 / 10
Overall, not bad lah. Worthwhile checking out if you haven't tried Yunnan cuisine, and you'd like to sample all the different Chinese provincial cuisines. The 3 dishes came out in the order listed above, but they should be come out in the exact reverse order because the 1st dish is the strongest tasting and the last one is the most mild tasting.

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