Friday, 30 June 2017

Massage World - Sydney

World Square
Suite 17, Level 1, 650 George St
Sydney Australia

I didn't plan to have a massage in my 10 days visit to Sydney. But when Ada complained about stiff neck, and wanted a massage, as usual, I let her pick the place.

 The Place 

The Sydney clinic (the term it prefers to use), is located next to a dentist in the convenient World Square.

Office front, Massage World Sydney, Australia

The interior decor doesn't look like your typical Chinese TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine, even though their masseuses are trained in that field). The place gives their customers an impression of more of a Western style clinical feel that reminiscent of chiropractor practice that's right down to the mechanically adjustable beds. But the mirrors that you see in the many Chinese restaurants that create an optical illusion of spaciousness make their appearance here...tada!  (as you know, many magic illusions are done with smokes and mirrors. No smokes are involve here though). Of course, the mirrors are also doubled up for grooming your hair after the mess left behind in a scalp massage (for some, the head massage left their hair looking like after waking up from a night of tossing and turning of nightmarish REM sleeps).

Massage room, Massage World Sydney, Australia
I cast no reflection in the mirror...

Because it's in an office level (as supposed to the shops in a shopping mall, it's quiet. I doubt that you think you can hear the dentist drills next door. When i was there, the dentist office was in the middle of renovation).

 The Massage 

The 2 masseuses who tenderized us are in their 50s (read experienced). Ada let me have the younger masseuse (in her early 50s) because she knows i like a strong enough pair of hands (that could bend a metal pipe) to repair my stiff body. And i wasn't disappointed with the strength.

The older masseuse is experienced in feeling out places of tension in the form of muscular knots. When she finds it, she would apply extra pressure. If i squirm or scream with pain, she knows she hits the spot and would put extra pressure on it to untie the knot.

One of my dentists (not the one next door) told me that during teeth brushing, if i find a spot that causes pain, don't skip it, brush it harder. This is certainly the principle that most experienced TCM would follow. The pain is an indication of tension and calcification of muscle, the kneading is supposed to - as TCM practitioners would call it - open it up, meaning untie the knot. The masseuse is in the art of inflicting pain - a sadist, and i'm in the joy of receiving pain - a masochist. A perfect match made in TCM heaven.

I have to say i don't enjoy all pain, i imagine most customers too only 'enjoy' a certain type of pain. The type that associates acupressure like deep tissue massage. But not skin surface pain like rubbing or cupping, which she applied with a pump suction cup. I told her to stop the use of cup.

Most people associate massage with the feet, especially in in touristy places. But the rest of the time outside travelling, different professions suffer issues from the use of their hands. The tennis players suffer from tennis elbows, writers get writer's cramp. In the digital age, writers / bloggers suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome on the palm area from years of slaving the digital mouse (who's slaving whom?). I don't have that affliction, probably because of my regular massage of my tired palms.

During this visit, my masseuse was able to inflict so much pain to just the right area on my palm that i screamed, which i rarely do. She knew she hit the spot and so she inflicted maximum pain. This is the fleshy area on my palm near the wrist that touches the mouse-pad when i grab my mouse.

I could tell you that after the screaming massage on that part of my palm, the mobility of my hands have improved in the following days. I'm credited her for discovering just the right spot. I thought i know every muscle in my body like the back of my hand. As it turns out, there's a muscle that's very close to the back of hand that escapes me.

Overall Score: 8.5 / 10.
If you're interested in the more sensual or relaxation massage, this is not the place for you. Its decor is telling you that. If you're interested in alleviating specific muscular tension, the experienced masseuse do a decent job. It's very much a body repair workshop. You go there for tune-ups.

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