Monday, 30 January 2017

Tasting Churros @ Los Artesanos 1902, Madrid

We thought we should sample one of the Spanish national dessert while in Spain. In fact, Madrid is the best city to try this out. I enjoy eating chocolate, but not so much on French-fries or fried stuffs in general. Ada, is the opposite. This place, Los Artesanos 1902, is both a chocolateria and churreria. So it has something for both of us: churros and chocolates.

As "1902" is larger than its name in their logo means to show the birth year of this establishment. This founder started selling churros and porras on the street. After generations, it has become an established name in Madrid. This is what i meant that Madrid is the best place to have churros. Soo we thought if we wanted to try churros, why not go to the one that survived more than 100 years? They must have done something right, right?

Facade, Los Artesanos 1902, Chocolateria and churreria, Madrid, Spain
Facade of Los Artesanos 1902

Diorama, Los Artesanos 1902, Chocolateria and churreria, Madrid, Spain
Once you get inside the restaurant, deja-vu...

We were new to this and didn't know exactly what to order. To make thing more fun, we had some communication problem with the waiter. We ended up order more than what we expect. We got skinny churros, fat churros, churros with coated chocolate. So let's pig it out!

Churros and chocolate, Los Artesanos 1902, Chocolateria and churreria, Madrid, Spain
There're a variety of churros, these are just 3 examples of our (mistaken) order.

We find the fat churros a bit more oily. The thin churro, which is the "classic", is still the best. We had a debate on what to do with the cup of chocolate. I told Ada to dip those churros into the chocolates, but she pointed out that other customer were drinking them. Of course, first you dip, then you sip (or the other way around). There's no way you can finish the chocolate from dipping alone, and it would be a waste not to drink the remaining chocolate source. Man, i can feel that it go straight to my beautiful thighs.

Interior, Los Artesanos 1902, Chocolateria and churreria, Madrid, Spain

It's not quite my cup of tea (or chocolate), but i didn't regret checking it out. Well, it's a mouth-opening, and eye-watering experience. 8 / 10.

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