Thursday, 12 January 2017

Calamari Roll @ Magerit in Plaza Mayor, Madrid

We were on our way to pick up a local mobile sim card, after passing through and had lunch at Plaza Isabel II, we stumbled upon Plaza Mayor. Of course, this one of the 2 major plazas (the other is Puerta del Sol) was on our list of destinations in Madrid, it was just we didn't plan to see it today.

Unlike most squares, which are usually round, Plaza Mayor (or Mayor Square) is true to name. It's a square (or quadrangle) that are encircled (should be en-squared) by 4 storied residential buildings with balconies. Depending what you're after, these residences could be considered great or terrible. If you like visual stimulus outside your windows, this is a great location to live. If you're a retiring kind and want some privacy, you don't want to live here. You can't have a quiet espresso on those lovely balcony quietly without becoming a non-release model in somebody's photos. Cést la vie! Sorry...Es la vida!

Residential buildings, Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
The main facade of the 4 apartment blocks that surrounded the square

Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain

Speaking of something to look at, this square were used to hold bullfights and soccer matches, and other public events in the olden days. There were shops in the squares (as seen in the above photo). I don't know if they were there only during the Christmas season.

Apart from the makeshift-looking wooden stands in the square, there are shops in the arcade on the ground level of the residential buildings. Unsurprisingly, they're mostly eateries.

Shopping Arcade, Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
Arcade lamp, Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
Left: One of the arcade lane.
Top:  Arcade lamp

Arcade, Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
View of the square from one of the 4 arcades

As we explored various eateries around the shopping arcades, Ada's attention was hijacked by a big photo of bread roll with deep-fried calamari. Cafeteria Magerit is located at one of the corner of the arcade. Before i could say "we just had lunch", she had already devoured by and disappeared into the shop.

Cafeteria Magerit, Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
Who can say 'no' to these Olympic rings of yummy ?

The shop was quite busy, but it could be just the fact that it was Christmas Day. While they sell other stuffs, but  their big photo of the calamari bread roll suggests that this is what they're best at.

Cafeteria Magerit, Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain

This is a simple snack that's popular in Spain with bread rolls that contain many different stuffing from Iberian ham, sausage to calamari. Since this seems to be Magerit's specialty, and Ada loves calamari (to the point that makes me jealous), there was no way of saying 'no'.

With so much expectation, the calamari bread roll from Magerit's was certainly didn't disappoint. We had seen people come out with a plate of a dozens of rolls. Very popular snack. Especially in winter. We gave it a 8 / 10. The calamari is soft and delicious, the bread is warm and crunchy. Nice and simple, perfect for eating on the run, or a quick hunger fix. Neither applied to us. No need for excuses. Yes, Ada couldn't get enough of those alluring rings, she came back twice for it, like Oliver Twists.

Cafeteria Magerit, Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
In terms of price, i would be happy to award it with a score of 8.5 / 10.

Micky Mouse street artist, Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
Get away balloon, Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
Top:  Somebody had lost her Tigger to the blue yonder. Bye bye, Tigger.
Left: Micky Mouse waved at me ("Come...I won't bite!"). It gnaws.

Black and white, Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain

Visitor information center, Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
Ceiling of the interior of visitor information centre in Plaza Mayor.

Entrance, Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
There're several entrances to this grand square. This is the main one we took.

If you like to look at food, you may also want to visit the nearby Mercado de San Miguel (St. Michael's Market). It's free to look and drool. We bought 300g of some very chunky cherries. Quite mouth-watering. This is the stand right behind the main entrance.

Mercado San Migel, Madrid, Spain

Mercado de San Migel, Madrid, Spain
Where i got my cherries.

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