Sunday, 25 December 2016

Gran Melia Hotel Palacio de los Duques, Madrid

Its location is reasonably good with 7 minutes walk to the Royal Palace, and 15 mins or so walk to Temple of Debod.

Staircase, Gran Melia Hotel Palacio de los Duques, Madrid, SpainEntrance, Gran Melia Hotel Palacio de los Duques, Madrid, Spain Atrium, Gran Melia Hotel Palacio de los Duques, Madrid, Spain

The rooms are reasonably spacious. Because this is a renovated old heritage building, its ceilings are high (something close to 4m high). Unfortunately, the view outside my windows are windows of other rooms.

Bedroom, Gran Melia Hotel Palacio de los Duques, Madrid, Spain

The staffs are trained to the 5-star level, meaning they're courteous, helpful, and proficient.

Since we prepaid online, we got something like a 50% discount for the breakfasts, which normally costs around €30 (if i recall correctly). If they know how much i eat, they should charge me half price anyway. I eat breakfast like a princess (i eat lunch like her cat, and i eat dinner like Tweety bird. Her cat probably eats Tweety). The breakfast's standard is decent.

When in Madrid, you should try out their Iberian ham, chorizo and sausage/salami. I enjoyed it. Especially their chorizo with white skin that reminds me of  Camembert or brie cheese.

Breakfast, Gran Melia Hotel Palacio de los Duques, Madrid, Spain
A sample of their cold cuts:
smoke salmon (top), and from left to right: Iberian chorizo, ham and sausage.

While you typically just sample food from the smorgasbord in a general hotel breakfast setup, you can order from their menu with wide range of choices of drinks and food.

I ordered a sunny side up, and instead i got a plate of sunny side up that are accompanied by moon (muffin), milky way (bacon strips), and Mars (hash brown). If you think you just get a fried egg when you order a fried egg, you'll be caught with an egg on your pretty face.

bacon and egg breakfast, Gran Melia Hotel Palacio de los Duques, Madrid, Spain

Overall, i'm quite happy except for a fly - more like a tiny gnat - in the ointment.

Bathroom, Gran Melia Hotel Palacio de los Duques, Madrid, Spain

I don't want to be a nitpicker (unless when it comes to gorilla's scalp, i'll be a natural). The bathroom's design is a surprise at the 1st sight with no partition walls whatsoever. I wondered if it was an odd architectural style, or there's some practical consideration. And then i noticed a handle bar and a retractable chair underneath the shower. This explains the zero partitions, which is probably designed to facilitate wheel chair access.

This is fine. This design requires that the floor tiles all tilted down towards the drain. If the tiles that are further from the drain are lower, as in the case in this room, a puddle of water would be left behind after a shower. In this case, there's a slight indentation of tiles (can't be detected by the eyes) in front of the toilet bowl, leaving a puddle of water after a shower.

The design idea is sound, but constructing it can be tricky. When the cement set, they can set unevenly, leaving to an uneven surface. I'm sure not all the rooms suffered from this uneven leveled grounded-ness.

For those non Continental European tourists who have never seen a bidet, feast your eyes. And then use it as conversation opener, or shut them up.

Overall, we were quite happy with the stay. 8.5 / 10.

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