Tuesday, 30 August 2016

One-North: Sandcrawler Building

I was in the neighbourhood of One-North, so i thought i dropped into the Sandcrawler Building to have a quick peek (ok, i live some 20 mins walk from it. So i'm always in the neighbourhood. Well, 20 mins walk in a hot day in Singapore is like a 2 hour trek of Tatooine desert to me).

For those who are too old (over 65) to know what a Sandcrawler is, and/or isn't a Star Wars fan, a Sandcrawler is a mobile fortress that used by the Jawa (not Java on planet Earth, where the natives are called Javanese. Don't get confuse with Japanese, especially when you say it. Try to sound it out yourself. See - i mean, hear - what i mean? Confused? I hope so).

Sandcrawler, Star Wars
Sandcrawler, as spotted in the deserts of Tatooine (in a TV screen near you)

You don't need to know any of the Star Wars lore, suffice to say that this building is inspired by the Sandcrawler. Instead of a fortress holding the entire Jawa clan, this is an office building holding regional HQ for Lucas Films, The Walt Disney Company, and ESPN (Asia Pacific). Now you know why Sandcrawler.

The building opened in Jan 2014. Yes, George Lucas was here for the ribbon cutting.

Logo, Sandcrawler Building, One-North, Singapore
Why the red pavement? Perhaps to reflect the red desert sand of Tatooine

From this angle, it certainly looks somewhat like the Sandcrawler in Star Wars.

Sandcrawler Building, One-North, Singapore

But from another angle, the Sandcrawler building looks to me more like the head of the Exogorth in Star Wars' Empire Strikes Back.

Below is the angle of the Sandrawler building that conjures up the image of the Exogorth in me with its gaping jaw.

Sandcrawler Building, One-North, Singapore

For those who doesn't know what is a Exogorth the giant space slug (are you living in a cave or under a rock?), these should give you some idea.

Exogorth, the giant space slug with its gaping jaw, trying to catch the Millennium Falcon
Exogorth, the giant space slug, who lives under a space rock, with its gaping jaw, trying to catch the Millennium Falcon.
Millennium Falcon is the name of Han Solo's space rust bucket.

To refresh your memory, this is the scene where Han Solo et al have a very close encounter with the Exogorth, and where the doubled Danish-buns (or ear-muffs) wearing Princess Leia thought they were in a cave (she must have been living in a cave, or under a space rock, which is where this space gastropod lived).

Well, it's no cave, princess Leia. Cave has no teeth.

Sandcrawler Building, One-North, Singapore
Closeup of that giant jaw. Don't those balconies look like teeth?

Fusionopolis, Sandcrawler Building, One-North, Singapore
If you look at the plan of the Sandcrawler building (in red), doesn't it look more like the Exogorth with its gaping jaw?
At least it looks like a Pacman, which is a space monster. And it's a herbivore.

You could say that the Sandcrawler building looks like the Star Wars' Sandcrawler in the back and the space slug in the front (it's a bit like the mullet haircut with business in the front and party in the back. Only in the Sandcrawler building, front and back switches places. Well, if it involves eating, it's a party).

Ok, let me take a deep breath and enter the gaping jaw of this space gastropod, or better known as the public courtyard to the architect. There're a lot of dense tropical vegetation in the courtyard (which makes me think that this space gastropod is a herbivore).

Courtyard, Sandcrawler Building, One-North, Singapore

Courtyard, Sandcrawler Building, One-North, Singapore Courtyard, Sandcrawler Building, One-North, Singapore Courtyard, Sandcrawler Building, One-North, Singapore

Somewhere among the man-made jungle, ponds and streams you will come across a bronze statue of Yoda, aka the Master of Jedi. He makes all my references to Star Wars sounds more justifiable (and less certifiable).

Yoda, Sandcrawler Building, One-North, Singapore
Yoda, the Master of Jedi, in his serene pose

Yoda, Sandcrawler Building, One-North, Singapore
Perhaps, it just my imagination that i find his pose and expression reminds me of Confucius (the Master of Teacher).
But then Yoda, and the Force are inspired by Eastern spiritual Philosophy.

Stone bench, Sandcrawler Building, One-North, Singapore

Yoda, Sandcrawler Building, One-North, Singapore
May the Farce - oops, I mean Force - be with you, readers! Always!

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