Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Thai Odyssey Massage Centre

Thai Odyssey
Fahrenheit 88, Lot 2-42, 2nd Floor,
No.179, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

I'm desperate for a massage, but don't want to risk disappointment by going to some bargain massage places like Chinatown and whatnot. It's a hit and miss affair. It's safer with more upscale spa like Thai Odyssey. It's also has 3 outlets, and so it gives me a little more assurance.

It's relatively pricier than the no-frilled massage shops, but its standard tend to be higher and more consistent. And the environment is certainly better. Comparing to those in Singapore back "home", KL prices are nearly 40% off. So why not look for something pricier?

 The Place 
It situates in Fahrenheit 88, right next to Pavilion, and so it's easy to find. You can locate it at a quiet corner of the floor, out of sight.

Thai Odyssey, KL, Malaysia

While they don't have proper rooms with brick walls, but it has high partitions that give better privacy than cubicles that we see in some places, or curtains as walls where it provides little sound proof for those of us who looking forward to a quiet times during massage (who doesn't?).

Because these are not thick solid brick walls, you can still hear talking from other customers. But we don't expect too many customers talking as most are tourists and so they don't know the masseuses well enough to talk non-stop that you may have encountered elsewhere.

While I was there, I heard only a few minutes of conversation from next room.

Of course, those basic setup with minimal partition walls like cubicles and curtain walls aren't qualified to be called a day spa. And I would call this one middle of the range upscale day spa.

Massage room, Thai Odyssey, KL, Malaysia
Massage bed designed to rest your head in a natural posture,
and admiring the floor

We were told that there was only one room left with a high massage bed/table, which is more preferable than lying on your stomach with your head turn sideways - an uncomfortable position (to me anyway) for 90 mins. So I took the massage bed while Ada took to the floor.

As it turned out, she told me later that there's actually a hole in the ground and a rack so that her head didn't need to lie sideways, but face forwards as nature intended. We're not all born contortionists or tarsier monkeys.

 The Massage 
As in many Thai massage spa, it started with a foot wash, instead of an usual foot bath, you'll get a foot shower on a pile of pebbles. You feel like your feet is having too much enjoyment.

Thai foot bath, Thai Odyssey, KL, Malaysia
Cold shower is a more tropical thing, and hot bath is more of a cold climate thing...

We went for the Thai Aromatherapy Massage. It's reasonably standard that consists of a lot of long, slow strokes or rubbings. At first the strokes were applied with fingers and palms, but it got stronger and firmer in the later half of the session when the masseuse switched it to the sides of her upper arms. Her strength was reasonably firm enough.

And as usual, the massage was finished with a few minutes of Thai Traditional Massage with some stretching of arms.

Overall Score: 8.5 / 10. I find the whole experience pleasant enough. I liked it so much, I've already thinking of coming here again in 3 days time.

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  1. I went to thai odyssey setia city mall today. Did thai massage and I don't really like it. My body is so much pain after the massage session. Still prefer traditional massage at one local spa near my house. Cheap and always concern to check if i'm comfortable during the massage ti ensure no pain.