Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary, Corella, Bohol

These tarsier monkeys only exist in a few islands in SE Asia. As far as I'm aware, they could only be seen by tourists in Bohol Island. Other islands where they live aren't tourist destinations. These animals turn a few heads in more ways than one.

These photos don't give a good indication of their size, but they are only the size of my fist or a big house rat. They're the smallest primates in the world. And it unlike any monkey you've likely to have seen before.

 A Head Turning Monkey 
An owl can turn its head by as much as 270 degrees, but because they're birds. Few mammals - with the exception of tarsier monkeys - can turn their heads by 180 degrees. So they don't need eyes in the back of their heads. They just need to turn. Human can turn their heads by only 90 degrees. The only human can turn her head by 180 degrees is Regan (played by Linda Blair) in The Exorcist (1973).

Kids, don't EVER do this at home!

You can see this head turning scene in The Exorcist. Don't watch it if you're underage (unless you want nightmares), or faint of heart (unless you want a heart attack), or a Christian (unless you want to be burnt in hell in delicious BBQ sauce). The pope (by my given name or any other name) definitely does not approve of this viewing because of its overly generous serving of blasphemy and profanity. This film is classified adult atheist.

Don't I look like koala bear from a distance?
Just with far bigger, adoring big brown eyes...

 Eyes Maximized for Night Vision 
Just like camera that need big sensors for good night time photography, nocturnal animals need big eyes for night time viewing. I guess they're passing their bed time.

Tarsier monkeys and owls both have big eyes and heads that can be turned by a large degrees. Both of these 2 characteristics are useful to survive as creatures of the nights.

Can they sleep with all the tourists clicking their camera shutters? Say cheese, or whatever that you eat...

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