Saturday, 30 April 2016

Masizzim Korean Restaurant

Masizzim Korean Restaurant,
313 Orchard Road

While Korean is one of my fave Asian cuisine, it hasn't been ranked too high until now. This is because Korean is known for their BBQ restaurants. While I enjoy Korean BBQ, it's not my most favorite dishes. With the cold climate of Korean peninsula, stews should be one of the mainstay of Korean cuisine. Surprisingly, I haven't came across any Korean restaurants that specialize in stews (in 3 of the Asian food capitals of Sydney, HK or Singapore). They're as rare as hen's teeth (or at least French BBQs).

When I found out Masizzim does Korean stews, since I haven't eaten Korean stews (at least, not that I can remember), I thought it's worth checking them out.  The Groupon promotion just helped me to make up my mind quicker.

 The Place 
Located in the convenience, but busy 313 @ Somerset, Orchard Road, expect the typical cozy (ok crowded) restaurant in the city. The food was a little slow to come out, considering the stews are ready made. Although it was a usual busy weekend.

Masizzim Korean restaurant, Orchard Road, Singapore
The rocks are real !

La Bill (aka the Damage)
We paid S$35 Groupon for the S$50 food

 The Food 
Pork Rib Stew:  9 / 10.
I think this is something like the Korean dish Gomguk, or the equivalent Japanese Tonkotsu broth for the ramen soup base, which is my favourite broth with its bone marrow, fat and gelatin texture that gives this Pork Rib Stew that deep rich flavour and texture.

We asked for added udon noodles, and it has just the right el dente, and so has the cartilage that attached to the bone. It's the right amount of lovely crunchiness. The most challenging thing about a making a stew is to keep the meat from drying. The meat in this stew is tender and had sealed its juice reasonably well.

We didn't realize that the the stew comes with rice and so we ordered extra udon noodles. The rice is certainly different from the usual white rice. It's their signature rice that's popped up in various dishes in their menu.

I think one is expected to take the stews to the rice, we did the opposite. We poured the rice into the stew, and let the rice soak up the stew. Yummy! The only shame is that the broth isn't enough.

Pork Rib Stew, Masizzim Korean restaurant, Orchard Road, Singapore
Pork rib stew and their signature rice

Squid and Leek Pancake:  8.5 / 10.
This is the crunchiest Korean pancake (aka Korean pizza) I have tasted. And in all cases, the pancake itself is bland and relies on the accompanied soy sauce to spice it up. The sauce was nice enough. The paper on the bottom is a nice touch to soak up excess oil and to keep it nicely dry and crisp.

Squid and Leek Pancake, Masizzim Korean restaurant, Orchard Road, Singapore
Squid and Leek Pancake

Kimchee Side Dish: 7.5 / 10.
The cabbage has a good balance of chili, saltiness and sourness, none overpowered the other two. The Korean radish was quite crunchy, but not my cup of tea.

Shikhye Jug:  7 / 10.
Shikhye is a well known Korean rice beverage. Judging by its reddish look only, it looked like their signature rice. This rice beverage is often has additional ingredient, and in this case, a very Singaporean barley.

I found it a little sweet, but still an interesting refreshing drink that worth trying out.

Overall:  8.5 / 10. Judging from their general standard of food, I will come back to try their other dishes. Just bought another Groupon for that purpose.

Masizzim - hard to say, easy to eat.

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