Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Baclayon Church, Bohol

Its claim to fame is being one of the oldest coral stone church in SE Asia (est. 1727). It's built by Jesuits.

Many of the churches I have seen were in a poor condition, reflecting the economic condition of the country. But it's not hard to visualise its splendour in its original state some 3 centuries ago.

I don't know if we were led into the church from the back entrance because I didn't see the best part of the church: the facade and the bell tower. Perhaps because the bell tower was severely damaged during 2013 earthquake, it was under wrapped for restoration.

The tour guide never mentioned this. Maybe they didn't want to shake us with the earthquake.

Not surprisingly, there're a number of nice historical churches in Bohol. Examples are Baclayon, Dauis and Loay Churches. Only Balayon is included in this itinerary, I think partly because its location fit nicely into the whole tour route. And perhaps partly, this is the only church that still standing after the earthquake. Some of the churches were almost completely leveled.

Interior, Baclayon Church, Bohol, Philippines

Christ child, Baclayon Church, Bohol, PhilippinesVirgin Mary, Baclayon Church, Bohol, Philippines Altar, Baclayon Church, Bohol, Philippines

Statues, Baclayon Church, Bohol, Philippines

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