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Rizal Park

 Parallel Parks? 
It doesn't take too much imagination to see some parallels in the layouts between Rizal Park and the Memorial Parks in Washington D.C. (excluding the National Mall) Nor should it be surprisingly because Rizal Park is developed during the period when the Philippines was an American Colony. Of course, one wouldn't expect a carbon copy.

Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines
Rizal Park layout

Memorial Parks, Washington D.C.
Memorial Parks, Washington D.C.

Both have a rectangular layout with an obelisk (Washington Monument vs Rizal Monument) at one end of the 2 parks, a rectangular reflecting pool in the middle and a monument (Lincoln Monument vs Lapu Lapu Monument) at the other end of the pool. And gardens (Constitution Gardens Vs Chinese and Japanese Gardens) on one side - just the north side - of the reflecting pool.

Maybe it's just coincident because coloniser and the colonised think alike. Who knows?

Rizal Monument, Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines
Chinese Garden, Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines
Top:  Chinese Garden
Left:  Rizal Memorial. There's a very similar Rizal memorial in Madrid, Spain.

Rizal Monument, Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines
Rizal Park, viewed from the west end. The 3 gold stars on the obelisk is the same 3 stars on the national flag.

Lamppost, Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines

 Mission Impossible 
Can we really talk about architectural design of Washington D.C. without mentioning the Freemasons? The answer is clearly impossible! After all, Freemasons were builders who like to put symbolism into their designs. And who is to say that Rizal Park weren't designed by the Freemasons?

It's also impossible to talk about the Freemasons without mentioning conspiracy theories. I love conspiracy theories of all kinds. They're quite entertaining. I don't subscribe to them because there're as many conspiracy theories as there're conspiracy theorists. It's quite impossible to subscribe to them all (don't want to play favourite). So I'll make my life easier by subscribing to the mainstream view that embraced by orthodox historians.

Memorial Clock, Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines
Memorial Clock

 Free at Last ! 
While Western readers are preoccupied by the Freemasons in the West (many American founding fathers, Voltaire, Mozart, Winston Churchill, FDR, etc), what do you know about Freemasons in the East? Do you know that Dr. José P. Rizal  (who's sort of like Filipino George Washington) was a Freemason? (For the interests of Singaporean, both Stamford Raffles and Lee Kuan Yew were Freemasons).

As you can see, it's easy to fancy that the Freemasons intend to take over the world. In fact, the damn Freemasons have taken over the world with their political ideals of freedom and democracy that was wrought during the Age of Enlightenment and these rational ideas have spread and shaped the modern world. Mind you, it's just a coincident that these revolutionaries happened to be Freemasons. For every one Freemason that happened to be revolutionary, there were many that weren't.

George Washington in Masonic outfit
George Washington in Masonic attire, killed by his doctor

I don't really talk about the Freemasons here because of their associations with Uncle Sam. There's a Memorial Clock across Roxas Boulevard are placed there by the Freemasons, and it has a few plaques on its sides.

Freemasons plaque, Memorial Clock, Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines Freemasons plaque, Memorial Clock, Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines

One of the plague above said, "The successful Revolution of 1896 was Masonically inspired, Masonically led, and Masonically executed..."

This Revolution refers to the Philippine Revolution against the Kingdom of Spain.

 Just What the Doctor Ordered 
Why did the American wage a war with the Spanish in the early 1890s?

In those days, the doctor prescribed blood-letting or blood-spilling for all kinda diseases. In 1893, when Uncle Sam was diagnosed a malaise called the Depression[1], he was prescribed blood-letting[2], preferably with the Spanish. Could be anyone, but Uncle Sam chose the Spanish. This led to the Spanish-American War. You feel depressed? A war should be a good stimulus. It started with the Cuban War of Independence[3] and eventually ended up with Philippine-American War. So you can say the American has a history with Cuban that went back before 20th century.


[1] This wasn't the Great Depression. Uncle Sam had 11 average Depressions until 1929 when it achieved the Great Depression. Practice makes perfect.

[2] George Washington died from a throat infection. You don't usually die from a throat infection until blood-letting was prescribed where 3.75 litres of his blood was removed from his body in 10 hour period. They killed more people than curing them. This is true of war. The idea of blood-letting is to get rid of excess humours in the body. Well, there's nothing funny about that.

[3] There's a parallel history in the 20th century in a war that the Vietnamese called Resistance War Against American. Instead of Spanish, we had French, and instead of Cuban, we had Vietnamese where USA was nice enough to relieve a European nation time and again from the burden of colonisation of Asia. Well, it was only fair, the French helped the American in expelling the British coloniser during the American War of Independence.

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