Thursday, 21 January 2016

Jollibee, Makati, Manila

 All Roads Lead to Jollibee 
I decided to go to Jolibee for lunch. This is best described as Pinoy solution to American fastfood restaurants like KFC + McDonald's. I made it very clear that Filipinos love chicken above all else in Max's Restaurant, which is one of the better known restaurant chain that specialises in chicken among the countless of chicken franchise restaurants mushroomed in Manila.

Ada told me that there's a Jollibee outlet within 4 mins walk on the right hand side of Fraser Place where we stayed. Instead of turning right from the hotel, I forgot her direction and turned left.  After 7 mins walk, I found a Jollibee outlet at the corner of Makati Ave and Jupiter (just "Jupiter". No "street" following it. The next few parallel streets are named "Juno", "Hercules", "Constellation". To keep it consistent, none of these street names are ending in "st" or "ave" or such indicators).

Jollibee, Makati, Manila

Jollibee, Makati, Manila
A beesy chef and security guard welcome you at the door

The moral of the story is, no matter which direction you walk, you will end up at a Jollibee outlet. All roads lead to Jollibee (from Jupiter to Mars). Just close your eyes and follow your nose (for the smell of fat food), and look out for the beesy chef mascot at the door.

Well, if Filipinos are obsessed with chicken, and Jollibee is the biggest fat-food (oops, fat fingers, i meant fast-food) chain of fried chickens, escape is obviously impossible. Ok, they also serve burgers and other stuff. While its logo is a bee, but I think their chickens are the best (I don't think they do fried bees. Maybe in Thailand, Cambodia or China? Also, if you're in the Philippines, why would you be eating anything else? I'm too chicken to try something else.

Chicken meal in Jollibee, Makati, Manila
Chicken meal comes with rice. I ordered fries separately

Before my visit (at the end of 2015), Jollibee only has stores in Asia (ME is part of Asia), and of course, USA (not because - or not just because - it's a place that invented and has an unhealthy relationship with fast-food).

Lucky Plaza, Singapore
A place to try Pinoy food while you're in Orchard Rd, Singapore

 In the Shopping Ghetto 
There's only 1 Jollibee outlet in Singapore, which naturally located in Lucky Plaza, which is a Pinoy fave shopping centre. In Singapore, because of its small population, you won't have Pinoy Place, Thai Town, Baby Burma or Korea Khetto (although Tanjong Pagar Rd comes close), but there're shopping centres or malls that associated with the different ethnic groups that live and work in Singapore. So there's Lucky Plaza for Pinoy, Peninsula Plaza for Burmese, Golden Mile Complex (this is a HDB flats, not shopping mall) for Thai, and Tanjong Pagar Rd for Korean, etc.

Peninsula Plaza, Singapore
A place to try Burmese food

Sorry, I digress. I just have too much to share (one reader told me that I give too much information. I like to share, especially fa[s]t food. I want to watch my figure, not just in a mirror, or in a phone camera's selfie mode). Anyway, I haven't tried the Jollibee in Lucky Plaza. A little Pinoy birdie (it's a chick) told me this one tastes different from those back home in Manila, which is better. As this was straight from the horse's (sorry bird's or chick's) mouth, I decided to head straight to try the original Jollibee in Manila.

Verdict? I don't like it. To be fair, I don't like deep-fried stuff in general. I think KFC is better. Sorry Jollibee. I'm not very good at lying to others (however, I'm an ace in lying to myself. Practice makes perfect). Still, I'm not sorry I gave this Pinoy icon fast food restaurant a try.

Go! Jollibee! Go! Give me a Bee! Give me a banana!

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