Friday, 25 September 2015

Authentic Thai Nakhon Kitchen in Holland Village

Since we live within walking distance from Holland V., we would quickly check out any new restaurant opening. We checked out Nakhon Kitchen last December (2014). At the time, there was only 3 tables (including us) with customers, and there wasn't any table set up outside the restaurant.

We were quite happy with our 1st meal. There's no shortage of Thai restaurants in the Singapore food scene, but is dominated by franchises that are catered for Singaporean palate. Let me just say that I had been disappointed with Thai food in Singapore in the last 5 years until I found Nakhon Kitchen.

Nakhon Kitchen, Singapore
Very authentic Thai setup

Nakhon Kitchen belongs to the minority that falls into the authentic Thai cuisine. Apart from its authentic Thai taste, there're many other authentic Thai touches. Take the drinking fridge-bar / counter that's commonly seen around Thailand.

 The Place 
To keep cost down, toilet rolls are used for tissues. Another very Thai touch that you will never see in other Thai restaurants.

Nakhon Kitchen, Singapore
A Touch of Thai Tissue

The prices are also quite Thai, considerably lower than the few Thai competitors in Holland V. Mains are typically $6 to $8. Don't expect anything lower than $13 in the other Thai places. Their location at the quieter end of town (right behind Cold Storage) would probably let them have slightly lower rent (I imagine), and keep the cost down.

Low prices and authentic Thai taste do draw crowds who long for authentic Thai food (and who doesn't like lower prices?). If you go there after 6pm, especially on the weekend, expect a long wait (as they don't take booking).

Nakhon Kitchen, Holland Village, Singapore
The typical 6:30 - 7:30 weekend queue

You know they're doing a brisk trade because they can actually afford to close between 2:45 to 5:30pm. When we walked past it a few times before 5:30pm, there were eager beavers making a beeline outside the shut gate, buzzing with stomach gases and anticipation.

They now have tables that filled their sidewalk and flowed into the street. When we sat down about 5:45pm, there was only one unoccupied table. Quite an outcry comparing to our 1st visit when there was only 2 occupied tables. Words travel fast in Singapore, especially when it comes to low price, delicious food.

 The Food 
We ordered a couple of things between us in this visit.

Nakhon Kitchen, Singapore
Fish cake

We ordered an old trusty Thai favourite of fish cakes. It didn't disappoint. Skin were nicely fried with content still moist. 8.5 / 10.

Nakhon Kitchen, Singapore
Basil chicken rice

While the basil chicken rice is on the slightly small size, but for $6, it's more like a food-court price than restaurant price. Even though we asked for less spicy, it was still too hot for us to handle. Still, it was yummy. Singaporean may find it just the right amount of spiciness. 8 /10.

Ah, yes. The services are quite prompt, and food dishes were dished out of the kitchen at a reasonably rapid click.

This is cheap (and delicious) eat in Holland V.

In future visits, because of the proximity of our place, we would order take-away. The budget setup means that there's little difference in temperatures inside or outside the restaurant. So eating it in our own place seems a better option for us.

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