Saturday, 15 August 2015

Trusty Gourmet at Wanchai

Trusty Gourmet (信得過)
307 - 311 Jaffe Rd,
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

We have a few fave restaurants in Wanchai and Causeway Bay area. This is a new one for us, and after checking them out, it's added to our list.

We hardly touched our lunch on the plane (what else can one expect from airline food?), we come here as soon as we checked into the hotel. Since it's a brunch (around 5:30pm), we decide congee would be a good choice. And Trusty's is so close to our hotel Mira Moon, it's a no-brainer.

Trusty Gourmet, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Their sign board tells us their signature dish of pig liver
The restaurant specialises in everything pig from pork skin down to all its internal organs.

 The Place  
This is a typical cha chan teng (lit: tea-reshavetaurant 茶餐廳) with a row of booth seating that I always take if one is available. Today is no exception. Friendly waitstaff.

 The Food 
We only order something watery and soupy to settle our stomach for our dinner.

Pig's Liver Congee 豬潤粥 :  9.5 / 10

There're only a few pig's organs that I would avoid, pig's liver is one of them. They seem to have a number of pig's liver dishes and they seems to promote their congee as well, putting these 2 together, we order their pig's liver congee.

Normally I find pig's liver a bit tough to chew. I've to say that I've never eaten such springy (彈牙) pig liver, ever. The congee is also quite tasty, and neither too thick or too watery. The best tasty pig liver congee I ever have. You can trust them (or me) on this.

Pig's Liver congee, Trusty Gourmet, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Pork Balls in Pig Bone Soup: 8 / 10

We see one of their thumbs up next to the 6th item on their menu (they have 3 menus), and I always enjoy meat balls and bone soup. So I order this on automatic pilot. The waitress asks me if I want some noodle for the soup, we ask for vermicelli.

Menu, Trusty Gourmet, Wanchai, Hong Kong
This is the 6th item on their menu.
(click to enlarge)

The pork balls is a slight let-down, especially after the pig liver. It's just nowhere as bouncy as the pig liver. It's usually the other way round. The bone soup is more than  made up for it. Unfortunately the thirsty vermicelli drinks most of it. The smart waitress brings out another bowl of pork bone soup, saying the vermicelli hogs (no pun intended) most all the soup. Where could you find that kind of service from a budget restaurant? I've never got that from a 5-star restaurant. The soup is quite deeply tasty (入味) of the glutinous pork bone. I would quite happy to give it 9.5/10 just for the soup.

Pork balls in Pork Bone soup, Trusty Gourmet, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Overall Score:  9 / 10. Would most likely go there again to try their other dishes of the pig's internal varieties. While their standard is reasonably good in general, it's their pig's liver that sets them apart from everyone else.

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