Monday, 17 August 2015

Trusty Congee King at Wan Chai

Trusty Congee King (靠得住)
7 Heard Street,
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

When I read up one of the Tripadvisor's review on Trusty Congee King, the address was for Trusty Gourmet. So we ended up in sampling Trusty Gourmet. Although it didn't disappoint us, it wasn't the right place.

This confusion is understandable as there're many eateries named Trusty in HK. The Chinese names are different, but still quite confusingly sounding similar. They have several restaurants with names like 靠得住 or 信得過. The fact that both of these restaurants located in Wan Chai doesn't help. I hope I can set the record straight. Trust me, I'm a blogger!

The Place: It's a typical HK style tea restaurant standard type of setup. The space isn't too cramped (for HK). The location is conveniently accessed by ding-ding (local nickname for tram). The service is not bad.

The Food:  Michelin nominations help to boost its profile.

Napkin, Trusty Congee King, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Mchelin nomination, Trusty Congee King, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Of the 3 things that they recommend, I decline the rice dumpling because I'm not into this. The other recommendations are eel, and fish skins.

Bill, Trusty Congee King, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
La bill

Fish Skins:  9.5 / 10
If you like pig's skins, you're likely to like this too. Their fish skins are more chewy, and much more crunchier than the average pig skins. The shallots are helped to reduce fishy smell, which isn't strong at all.

Deep-fried fish skins are quite popular in HK, and you can find them in many eateries. This boiled version is a rare find, and it's refreshingly different.

Fish skins, Trusty Congee King, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Pig's Liver and Kidney Congee 豬腰豬潤粥: 8.5 / 10
Pig's kidney is my fave pig's organ, and I want to make comparison of their pig's kidney with that of Trusty Gourmet, which has the best pig liver. Well, it turns out that their pig's liver is similar standard to most restaurants. Similar thing can be said about their pig's kidney: not bad, but not outstanding.

Pig's Liver and Kidney Congee, Trusty Congee King, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Shrimp and Fish Belly Congee:  8.5 / 10

Since eel isn't one of our fave food, we don't want to order an eel congee. We just want to try a little of it to find out one of their recommendation, and this congee has got eel and a whole lot of other toppings. This is a good congee to order if you want to find out their different toppings. Once you find out the topping you like, it's safer then to order a congee with that specific topping.

Yes, the eel is much better than we anticipated. If you like eel, then you probably wouldn't need much convincing. Go for it.

Most of their toppings in this congee are either as good as the usual standard in most restaurants or better.

Shrimp and fish belly Congee, Trusty Congee King, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Rice Noodle Rolls w Black and Sweet Sauce: 8 / 10
The sauce is not bad, and the texture and softness of the rolls are fine. While it's good, it isn't wowing us. Their presentation is inviting. The sesame seeds add a nice touch.

Rice noodle rolls, Trusty Congee King, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Overall:  9 / 10. The fish skins are something quite unique to try, and the eels are above average. It also has a large menu that offers you many choices to try out. Michelin or no Michelin, its standard is high.

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