Saturday, 15 August 2015

Mira Moon Hotel at Causeway Bay

Mira Moon Hotel 問月酒店,
388 Jaffe Road,
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

Since shopping and eating is a big part of our (or most tourists for that matter) HK tour, and a number of our fave eateries are located in Wanchai / Causeway Bay area, Mira Moon Hotel seems like a logical choice to stay.

 T h e   P l a c e 
It's a boutique hotel that's located on the border of Causeway Bay and Wanchai. The former is known for its shopping (with mega shopping malls like Times Square and Sogo), the latter is known for its nightlife and food.

Ground level lobby, Mira Moon, Hong Kong
Ground level lobby, reception on L5

The hotel supplies guests with their Handy smart phones that let you make unlimited calls (in general, with whatsapp and Skype, that's no longer a big deal) and surf the web for free. But their phone number is private. If you want somebody to call your Handy phone, call the hotel reception, and ask them to redirect you to the Handy phone. Since Handy's phone number is unavailable, you can't use whatsapp and skype.

 T h e   R o o m 
Unlike business hotels where their rooms are dressed up in standard, boring business furnishing and furniture, for a boutique hotel, its rooms are dressed down in more funky, or chic smart casuals. The individual personality is allowed to show through.

The decor is a eclectic mix of traditional and modern adaptation of traditional Chinese style for its furniture, and something similar to art nouveau designs adorn its walls and floors. The light touch use of Chinese red also reinforces the Chinese theme (I take my red SG50 shirt as pajama and is perfectly complimented the hotel decor. I like harmony. That's a very Chinese value). The nice art nouveau mosaic tiles in the bathroom gives you something stylish to look at while you do your quiet number 2.

Bed, Mira Moon, Hong Kong bathroom, Mira Moon, Hong Kong Curtain design, Mira Moon, Hong Kong
Bathroom tile mosaic, Mira Moon, Hong KongLegend of Jade Rabbit, Mira Moon, Hong Kong Bathroom tile mosaic, Mira Moon, Hong Kong

The bed is a modern version of what I would call a Chinese bridal bed, giving the rooms of Mira Moon a honey-moon feel.

The only negative is the small space. But one should expect that in a hotel so centrally located in HK, which has the most expensive real estate value in Asia (and the 2nd in the world). While it's small, it solves the space problem quite well, and it doesn't take me long to get used to it.

For all that pleasure and convenience, you pay $290 SGD a night for a queen-sized bed, including breakfast ($250 HKD).

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