Saturday, 15 August 2015

Keung Kee at Wan Chai

Kueng Kee 強記美食
382 Lockhart Road,
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

Take note that there's another Keung Kee less than 80m away on Tin Lok Ln. This one is a proper restaurant.

The Kueng Kee I'm talking about here is a shop specialises in snack or light eat, which is in big demand for a place like HK where its nightlife is vibrant, and the city sleeps quite late. So night owls like myself would want some supper or light meals after a night spend around town. According to Cantonese proverb, a heavy meal kills lots of bedbugs. Apparently, they don't want to kill bedbugs. Let's keep the bug killers employed.

While there're many corner shops selling only street food like fish balls and squids and so on for people who eat on the run (or more likely eating while standing next to a garbage bin nearby). A common sight in HK streets, especially Tsimshatsui.

 The Place 
There are only a few tables here, at least you can sit down. Although they have only a few tables, turnover are high because they serve only snack, and so customers usually eat and run, leaving their seats barely warm.

In short, Keung Kee is like an eatery sitting half way between a street stall and a restaurant.

 The Food 
They don't have a big menu, and I haven't tried all their offerings. I tried most of it, and their tastiness ranging from good to excellent. We order our fave for our supper.

Menu, Keung Kee, Wanchai, Hong Kong
La menu

Sticky Rice with 2 Choices of Chinese Sausages:  9.5 / 10
This is probably their best item in the menu where the glutinous rice has the perfect texture and toothiness. I usual order it with both choices of  Chinese sausages because I don't like to play favourite. The sticky rice is not too dry, not too soft, not too oily. The simply things in life are often the best. How true. Just talk about it makes my mouth waters. Better move on before my keyboard short circuit by my drool.

Sticky Rice with 2 Choices of Chinese Sausages, Keung Kee, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Pig Skins and Fish Balls: 8.5 / 10
I love pig skin. And I'm not being bias, their pig skins are far better than the fish balls, which lacks bounce, and slightly chalky. The pig skin's unique combination of holey texture and the springy feel is nicely reproduced here. It soaks up the sauce like a sponge and releases with a bite. The sauce can be a little spicier to give the extra kick.

Pig Skins and Fish Ball, Keung Kee, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Rice Noodle Rolls w Black and Sweet Sauce: 7.5 / 10
While it isn't bad, but it isn't really something worth writing (I know, I'm writing it here. I just do so for completeness). We order it because Ada is can't resist this.

Rice Noodle Rolls w Black and Sweet Sauce, Keung Kee, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Just before I stand up and leave, I just remember they also serve a mean bowl of green bean sweet dessert, which they are know for. Now I can leave completely satisfied. My bedbugs will all be flatten and flatlined tonight. Well done, Keung Kee.

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