Saturday, 20 June 2015

What a GUNDAM Saturday!

No. I'm not swearing. If you've never heard of GUNDAM, joined the club. Well, I heard about it since Sunday.

I supposed to go to Far East Plaza to attend an one of the 1st SG Street Festival (SSF) event of kendama competition (I haven't heard of Kendama either, and its another Japanese toy like GUNDAM). By the time I got there, the matches had finished. That's OK, there's always something to see on Orchard Rd, especially on the weekend.


As I'm walking down Orchard Rd, Lo and behold, I saw 2 giant toys (sorry action figures) standing outside the largest (at least the widest facade) Ngee Ann City shopping mall.

Zaku model, action figure, Singapore
giant-size ZAKU
Gundam model, action figure, Singapore
giant-size GUNDAM - aka good guy.

I know toys are big business these days, but I don't expect to be this big (nearly 3 storied building big). Guess what? They're for sale too! If you can afford that, you would have a house with enough space to put them in.

This is the 1st time I heard of GUMDAM or is it GUNPLA? According to the manufacturer's definition, Gundam + Plastic models = Gunpla. Whatever that means. Call me Mr. Spock, I do like to put everything into equations. Actually I prefer charts over equations. For example, I like to describe the relationship between wealth and happiness using a chart.

money and happiness relationship chart
Wealth and Happiness Relationship chart

Without money, you won't be happy living on the streets without warm showers, blankets, adequate food, dignity, and friends. Money only brings you happiness up to a point (indicated by "m"), and then after that, it plateaus, and doesn't increase as much happiness anymore. "m" is different for everyone, depending on factors like countries, cultures, upbringing, etc. You can thank me for not drawing any more charts for these factors.

I use a chart to illustrate that I like to use chart. I think everything can be expressed in a chart. Everything ! Math is universal.

I think I make my point. Sorry, I digress.

Naturally, I was drawn in by these 2 sentinels (or aliens who are going to conquer earth and enslaving mankind? Either way, I decide to check it out). I was sucked into this publicity event like the gravitational pull of an event horizon of a black hole.

Bandai model, action figure, promotion, Singapore

Japanese HI-MOCK model, action figure, Singapore
Japanese Gundam model, action figure, Singapore
Japanese HI-MOCK model, action figure, Singapore

ZAKU model, action figure, Singapore
This is not a toy gun! Your wallet or your life ! Your call ! (in Stephen Hawking's voice)

With that weakness of mine (or mind) I descend deeper into B2 of Takashimaya Square.

Takashimaya Square hold Japanese food fair from time to time. I'm a regular patron of their food, especially their delicious crackers. So it's not surprising that the Japanese manufacturer of these toys (I think they prefer to call it models) promote their products in Takashimaya Square.

As I was going down, the sound of heavy rock band got louder. It seems that the company spent money not just on their giant models, apparently, they also hire some popular rock band from Japan to play in the Square. Judging from the reaction of audience, the band is also well known in Singapore. Of course, I'm as familiar with the band as I'm with the GUNDAM toys (again, I swear that I'm not swearing. This is a honest GUNDAM truth).

Audience, Bandai model, action figure, Takashimaya Square, Singapore
Listening to the Japanese rock band in Takashimaya Square.

merchandise, Bandai model, action figure, Takashimaya Square, Singapore
Get some merchandise after the rock concert

BEARGGUY, Bandai model, action figure, Takashimaya Square, Singapore
Hey guy, she's the BEARGGIRL. No sorry, BEARGGUY III.
I'm just a little confused by his big kimono bow in the back.
Is this BEARGGUY designed for girls ?
GUNDAM video game, Takashimaya Square, Singapore
Let's blast the bad guy back to Universal Century 0079 (see? I know what I'm not clueless)

Kunio Okawara
The grown-up who designed these toys

ZAKU, Bandai model, action figure, Takashimaya Square, Singapore
How much is that ZAKU in the window? Woof!

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