Friday, 5 June 2015

Red Dot Design Museum Visit on one MAAD Evening

I walked around Tanjong Pagar, studying a little more about the Little Red Dot (one of my hobby). Afterwards, I decided to visit the Red Dot Design Museum (RDDM) while I was in the neighbourhood.

Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore

After learning a little bit about the RDDM, I decided to check it out on that time of the month where the museum is pregnant with artists and designers, and avoided risking an unhappy $8 admission ticket.  Yes, the event is called MAAD (Market of Artists and Designers), and it occurred on the 1st Fridays of the month (and there's no correlation between these days and the lunar phases whatsoever. And MAAD has nothing to do with anger, despite the colour of this building. I hope that clears up everything).

Better turn down the volume if you're reading this at work (who isn't?). Otherwise, your boss will see red, and you're fired.

The lyrics starts with "When my baby is walking down the street, I see red, I see red, I see red".  Clearly, the red he sees is RDDM.

I browsed the MAAD up and down. For all intents and purposes, it was a flea market. But it's an indoor, air-conditioned, "upmarket" flea market. Yeah, an oxymoron. This is probably the only flea market in Singapore where ladies can shop in high-heels and won't be stood out in the crowd (unless the high-heels are half a metre tall, then you'll stand out for a different reason. Under-stand?). Also, if you're looking forward to see a swarm of fleas, you'll be surely disappointed. Fleas, like me, don't normally like air-conditioning. It's to do with my (and their) condition.

RDDM is a large museum, but it isn't stuffed with exhibits that's packed to the rafters. It has a atrium space that are quite empty. It would be a waste of space and quite mad if it wasn't being put to good use by the MAAD people.

MAAD night, Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore

The layout of RDDM's exhibits reminds me of showrooms. Kitchen showrooms, car showrooms, and what have you. And most of the exhibits aren't my cup of tea. By coming this museum tonight, I have saved the $8 for a few cups of my tea (HK style stocking/pantyhose tea. Just thinking about it make me thirsty). I much prefer to look at the MAAD market than RDDM.

MAAD night, Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore
Top:  Shoppers in black.
Right: DJ booth to help shopping in groovy style.
DJ booth, Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore

Most of the merchandise are geared towards the ladies ranging from jewelry to fashion accessories. In that sense, this is a Singapore Ladies Market, and you can shop stuff by up-and-coming local designers. "Ladies" is not used in the sense "Ladies tennis", but as in "Will that be all, m'lady?"

Blokes won't have to worry going broke shopping here as there weren't too many thing appeal to them. They're here tagging along to their other halves, carrying their catches of the evening. I did come across a couple of unisex stalls. So I decided to had a little chat with them.

Below were the 2 stalls whose designers/sellers I talked to.

LED lights in bottle, MAAD, Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore
Lighting in a bottle: Energy efficient LED light inside spirit bottle

Desk signs, MAAD, Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore
Top:  Playful signs for desks.
Right:  I was given a button. I feel the urge to give it a plug

I'm not sure if this cardboard table football table belongs to the museum or the MAAD sellers. I see no price tag on it. Don't mind having one if it comes with a worthy opponent (no human slave flea market in Singapore? Never mind).

Cardboard table football table, Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore
Disposable table football table

bottles wall, Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore
(partition) wall that made up of bottles stacking together. They're empty.
I imagine they could be filled with different colour liquid, make patterns.
They could be filled with blinking LEDs like our MAAD seller above.

If you can't find anything to buy in the flea market, you can give the museum shop a shot.

Museum shop, Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore

Museum shop, Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore
Didn't see this when I studied architecture

There're also some food stalls, and as far as I know, on some evenings there were even live band as I understand. It's certain not a shabby way of spending a Friday on a shoestring budget if you can curb your shopping impulses. Otherwise, you go home with a full catch (Do they sell luggage?) So bring your wives, your high-heels, and swagger in like George W. Bush.

You may want to go to its back, at a little distance from the museum you will see a Thai shrine that you often see around Bangkok's shops and offices (There's also some Chinese incense urn at the root of the tree). Should be of some interest to foreign tourists from the West.

Thai Shrine, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore Chinese Taoist Shrine, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore Thai Shrine, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

That's all folks, and m'ladies...I bid you adieu.

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