Friday, 5 June 2015

Chow Down in Chicken Up in Korean Town

Yep, I'm trying to spread Korean Town as Tg Pagar alternative name as I attempted to so in my article Tanjong Pagar Shophouses and Korean Town. After the Korean Town walk, when it was time to refuel my battery, what's more logical than Korean chow?

Chock-a-block, especially on a Friday night

I heard good thing said about Chicken Up, so we went there to check them out. Well, the wait outside the restaurant suggested their popularity. So much so that they have to bring out the big gun of customer service centre technology to help them out.

Take a number...any number....and wait...
till your number comes up
(I hope mine won't come up for another few decades)

 The Place 
Cozy, casual dining, and on Friday nights noisy and crowded. But that's what customers like, right? Who wants to walk into a quiet restaurant? Especially on a Friday night on busy part of town. And you know this is an authentic restaurant: lots of TV that showing ads or the restaurant menu.

 The Food  
3 dishes for 2 people, and I've a small stomach  (ok, I have a spare tyre around my small stomach). We try as many as possible for the sake of informing the Singaporean public. I hope you're grateful.

Bulgogi Fries:  7.5 / 10.  The fries are crunch enough, but got soft quite quickly. The frying wasn't deep enough. It maybe good enough for Korea weather, but couldn't stand up to the Singaporean humidity. The beef isn't bad.

Ganjang Chicken Wings:  8.5 / 10. Of course, we must order chicken wings. This place wouldn't call itself "Chicken Up" for no good reason. The fried skins are crispy, and the flesh is nice and juicy. The flavour isn't bad. The waiter suggested chicken wings with another flavouring and said it's good. Another sign that this is an authentic Korean restaurant: the staff are Korean.

We were given clear plastic gloves for our 2 fingers. The 2 fingers that you use to hold the chicken wings, which are usually the thumb and index fingers. But you can put on any other fingers that you use to hold the chicken wings. But do tell me, I like to come to watch your unique skill.

I found out I actually use 3 fingers to hold a chicken wings: thumb, index, and middle fingers. They should give me 2 gloves for each of my hands (or 3 fingers).

Jachae:  8.5 / 10. We hardly touched this noodle dish. So we took home and microwaved it the next day. It still taste delicious, and the clear noodles still had plenty of bounce. I imagine how well it must have tasted if we ate it freshly cooked.

Overall:  8.5 / 10. The price is reasonable (neither cheap nor expensive). The general standard is quite good. The waitstaff (at least the head cheese) are quite eager to educate us on their menu and how to put on gloves. If you want to try Korean food made by Korean, give this a try.

The 3rd sign that this restaurant is run by Korean, look at the thank you message in the receipt, it's written in K-English, "Thank you. Please see you again."

If the management is Singaporean, it would probably say, "Thank you lah! Come again. Can?". Well, I said "probably". Low probability.

Would I come back again. Probably. or should I say, I please. Sorry, after eating K-food, I started to spit out K-English.

You can see that they're doing well. They open shops in other places.

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