Saturday, 23 May 2015

Sampling Pizza at Spizza in Capitol Piazza

Capitol Piazza is opened for (some) business in Raffles Place. That's incredible! Well, a new shopping mall opening is an incredible common place event in Singapore. What's incredible is that somebody managed to find a big enough space at Raffles Place MRT for a shopping mall at this day and age!

If you haven't heard of its opening, it won't take long. Well, you just heard it here.

Most of the shops in the mall are yet to open. Spizza is one of the few that's cooking. OK, I wasn't here to check out the new mall, I was invited by a Groupon voucher. Haven't had pizza for awhile.

The Vibe:  If you've been to Nam Nam Vietnamese restaurant in Raffles City, you would imagine you have a Déjà Vu experience. The B2 of Capitol Piazza has a fountain not too dissimilar to its neighbouring shopping mall Raffles City in size and shape. Spizza is one of the restaurants that fringes the fountain.

Spizza, Capitol Piazza, Singapore
Snazzy, spick-and-Span Spizza

It still had a nice and quiet mood at the moment, even though this was lunch time on a Saturday. The words on Capitol Piazza hasn't got out to everyone yet. This is perhaps why Spizza requires to get traffic from the net via Groupon. Once there're enough people walking around in Capitol Piazza, there would be enough walk-in traffic that it would stop the Groupon's help.

So if you want to dine in a nice, quiet restaurant at Raffles Place MRT on the weekend, you'd better be quick before the crowd runs in, and the Groupon runs out.

The Food:  We ordered a fried calamari and Olivia pizza. Simply simple classic with tomato, mozzarella, salami, fresh chili. What can I say? I like salami.

Fried Calamari:  7 / 10. While the crust is crispy enough, and the flesh is fresh, it's quite bland (did the cook forgot the salt?). The sauce helped, but it was an uninspired sauce.


Olivia Pizza:  7.5 / 10. We asked for less cheese, and when the pizza was brought out, the waiter said, "less chili". Next time I'll order in Singlish accent. I subtract half a point because of the cheese. Those who like cheese may add that half a point back.

Pizza, Spizza, Capitol Piazza, Singapore

Overall:   8.5 / 10. With the discount and the low crowd, and reasonably good standard Italian grub, who can complain?

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