Monday, 13 April 2015

Tynt the Widget


It sounds like some mythical being from the Middle Earth.

Well, Tynt isn't a wizard or a widget (kind of), but what it's a useful tool for monitoring your own content.

The usual traffic report will tell you how many pageviews you have in a given post. But pageview alone doesn't tell the level of interests your readers have on a given post. The bounce rate will tell you that. But only the bounce rate for a blog is being reported, not an individual post.

You can assume that the more pageviews you get for a given post, the more that post would get read. Well, it's true to some extend.

The most accurate way to gauge if your readers are truly interested in your post/article on your blog is when they copy the content of that post. Yes, if they're stealing your material, surely, that article must be worth stealing.

This is where Tynt widget comes in. It tells you when your reader copy your content. You'll receive a monthly report like this.

This report tells me that these 3 posts have something that my readers want to copy. Thus giving me some idea what kind of article I should write or focus on, if you choose to.

Tynt actually generates 2 kinds of reports. The other gives you a little bit more info on the how your reader get to your site. It augments the Traffic Source report on a typical traffic stats reports. It looks something like this.

Since the cost of installing this widget is so low (and it's free to use), I wouldn't mind at all using to quench my thirst for SEOholism.

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