Saturday, 21 March 2015

Ming Fa Fish Ball at Holland Village

Because Holland Village is only a walking distance from my place, and so I go there to eat from time time. They're more well known for ethnic restaurants that are popular with expats (Ang Mo or otherwise). Not that you won't see lots of locals there as well.

While a little less well known is the hawker centre. But after all, you don't go to Holland Village to eat at a hawker centre in general. In Chinatown, on the other hand, hawker centres are all the rage. This is where I go for a quick no-fuzz meal, and only causes minimal weight loss to your wallet.

Holland Village Food Centre, Singapore

The Vibe:  On weekdays, the food centre is usually not full. On weekend, it manages to fill up. Only just. The place is a little cleaner and tidier than say, Maxwell Food Centre. Probably because it isn't as busy, and had just renovated last year.

Ming Fa Fishball, Holland Village Food Centre, Singapore

I think Ming Fa Fishball is quite new (by that I mean less than a few years old). I don't remember I ate here before. The shop sign is certainly quite new (while the business establishment went back to 1946. That's decades older than the Republic of Singapore).

The signboard didn't get my attention, but the queue did. The only shop that has a queue. Ok, the fried carrot cake opposite is also doing not bad: 2nd busiest shop.

The Food:  8.5 / 10. Since the shop called itself Ming Fa Fishball, their fishball must be their signature dish (using the Chinese phrase "signboard dish" 招牌菜 is a better description here).

While the noodle isn't very crunchy, but it's still nicely chewy enough. It's a little oily. Not excessive, but could lighten the oil further.

With the improvement since 1946, they've perfected their signboard fishball to almost perfection. It's nicely bounced between your teeth, and smoother than a baby's bottom. can help yourself with as much fried lard as you want. Lard...yummy!

Ming Fa Fishball, Holland Village Food Centre, Singapore

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