Sunday, 22 March 2015

DesignSatge Exhibition at Museum of Art and Design

A few art and design exhibition occurred in March. After getting a taste of my last visit to a design event early this month to Heatherwick Studio in National Design Centre that whet my appetite, I'm wanting for more. And so I went to see the DesignStage 2015 exhibition that's taking place in MAD (Museum of Art and Design). I decided to catch it before it ends.

Design Stage, MAD, Singapore

Most Taoist temples are guarded by door gods, or the 4 Heavenly Kings. I guess MAD is guarded by the 4 Barrels of Laughs or 4 LOLs. Maybe he's angry. Like Incredible Hulk, the series of 4 figure illustrates that he grows in size as he turns from red to black, signalling he's getting MAD (nothing to do with this museum. Or does it?).

sculptures, Museum of Art and Design, Singapore
Sculptures at the garden, Museum of Art and Design, Singapore
The MAD has 2 floors. The gallery for the exhibits are found upstairs, while the MAD shop and cafe could be found downstairs. Methink.

Squirrel on the tree of the MAD garden
Wished I bought along my 200mm lens. You never know when a squirrel would suddenly appear on a tree in the MAD garden. They're so very shy and jumpy.

On the counter of the main entrance (I came in through the garden side entrance) sit a row of toys from Flabslab (I just realise they have a gallery practically next door to my place. I'll drop in there sometimes). They're all cute toys with the majority (that I saw in MAD) that dreate crossovers between fictional and factual icons. Here's a sample of them in MAD.

Flabslab toys, Singapore
UltraBudda? Actually called Sitting Gaia, combining Japanese comic hero Ultraman with Budda.
And MacJesus? Actually called Willy (with an upside down "M") standing on a hill of hambergers.

Like their creations, it's hard to classify if they're toys or sculptures. If they're toys, they're toys that only adults could afford. They price from hundreds to thousands of Singapore dollars.

Flabslab toys, Singapore
"Star Wars Sphinx" by Francesco de Molfetta
Flabslab toys, Singapore
"Darth Mike Tyson" by Michael Leavitt

Museum of art and design, Singapore
miniature world inside a dome

Ok, I'm heading upstairs for the DesignStage 2015 exhibition. Mind your head !

These whole set of furniture are made of planks of plywood that looks like English alphabets. They're put together without nails.

DesignStage 2015, Joel Chin & Elmy Thong, Museum of Art and Design, Singapore
Joel Chin & Elmy Thong from Singapore

The bookniture folds up like a book, store it into a bookshelf. When needed, open it and turn it into furniture.

DesignStage 2015, Mike Mak, Museum of Art and Design, Singapore
DesignStage 2015, Mike Mak, Museum of Art and Design, Singapore
Mike Mak from Hong Kong

These Animal Chairs are individual hand made, and took the artist an average of 10 weeks to complete each chair.

Maximo Riera, DesignStage 2015, Museum of Art and Design, Singapore
Maximo Riera from UK
Maximo Riera, DesignStage 2015, Museum of Art and Design, Singapore

Maximo Riera, DesignStage 2015, Museum of Art and Design, Singapore

Making cultural icons cheeky is what the next artist does.

Saran Yen, DesignStage 2015, Museum of Art and Design, Singapore
Saran Yen from 56th Studio in Thailand

This artist like to ride bicycle, and so he decides to create pictures of iconic structures of the world based on bicycle tyre tracks. He tried to make 100 copies of this.

Thomas Yang, DesignStage 2015, Museum of Art and Design, Singapore
Thomas Yang from Singapore

These objects may look like a pair of bunny heads to you, they're in fact called Sqoosh, which is a baby version of the Squeeze bench. I can see many possibility where I can position myself. But I rather not say.

Patrick Chia, DesignStage 2015, Museum of Art and Design, Singapore
Patrick Chia from Singapore

By the way, if your fringe is getting in the way of your looking at the exhibits, you can blow your fringe with your mouth. But the more permanent solution would be getting rid of it in a barbershop inside the museum right among the gallery. Or is it one of those performing art in action?

Barbershop inside MAD. Pretty crazy?

When I finished looking, it was raining cats and dogs, which was a little unusual for March. I decided to have  a coffee, which caused my stomach to churn. So I ordered a grilled mid-joint chicken wings for it. Didn't expect it to come out all flatten out. This is chicken wings deconstructed.

I had been to similar events before, but this was quite enjoyable. Perhaps I was in a receptive mood. Or that they aren't trying to be pretentious at all. Or something else. Let me know if you've found out the answer.

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