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Singapore Cable Car Ride to Mount Faber Park

It's always a headache to give my visitors to Singapore a grand tour because of the lack of sights. To be fair, if our visitors are young people or families with children, I could keep them occupy with new things to see and do everyday for 2 weeks (just from the top of my head) quite easily, even if these activities are confined to Sentosa only.

On the other hand, what about retiree? when Ada's dad visited us in Singapore, it's a whole different - and very challenging - ball game. Singapore tourism isn't targeting or can target retirees. On top of this, what if the retiree is somebody who had been to 50+ countries, and 200+ cities? Forget about trying to wow him, just try to keep him from being slightly interested would be well done.

After much thinking, with anxious participation, I took them to Mount Faber Park on Singapore with the Singapore Cable Car ride, followed by a few selected spots in Sentosa Island.

The cable car ride started off from HarbourFront Tower Two to Mount Faber Park (ticket was $29 SGD pax).

It was a nice sunny day, and so the aerial view on the way was, well, brilliant.

Singapore Cable Car toward Mount Faber Park, Singapore

Aerial view of West Coast Highway from Singapore Cable ride, Singapore
Aerial view of West Coast Highway from the cable car with
Vivocity shopping mall on the right and Brani Terminal at the top of picture 

Singapore Cable Car station at Mount Faber Park Peak, Singapore
Singapore Cable Car station at Mount Faber Park, aka Faber Peak

Not long after we arrived in Singapore in 2009, naturally we wanted to try out the ride. But its operation was stopped for a major upgrade. By the time it was re-opened, of course, we had forgotten about it. Besides, once you've lived here for a number of years and started to feel like a local, you no longer do the touristy things. I guess this is the indicator that you see yourself as a local. With Ada's dad visit, we took the opportunity to fulfill our forgotten wish.

Faber Peak, Singaore
The cable car station

The view from Faber Peak gives a nice panorama of the Southern shore and Sentosa Island. Two views stood out from this vantage point. The first is the arresting architecture of Reflections condo, and the other are the building of RWS (Resort World Sentosa) and the giant Merlion on Sentosa island.

Reflections, Keppel Towers, Singapore
Reflections @ Keppel Bay, an impressive group of 6 luxury condo towers
rising up gracefully and prominently against the inviting backdrop of
surrounding Mount Faber, bay, and greenery. It's simply a great location location location.

Aerial view of Resort World Sentosa
The giant head of Merlion rearing its head from behind RWS hotels
The mammoth ship of Star Cruises, owned by Genting Hong Kong
and is the 3rd largest cruise line in the world, moored in front of RWS

Causeway Bridge that connects Sentosa to mainland Singapore
Causeway Bridge that connects Sentosa to mainland Singapore

After admiring the aerial views, we set afoot to explore the Mount Faber Park, which consists of 2 trails. We turned right from the station, which took us into the Marang Trail. If you turned left at Faber Peak, it will take you to Henderson Waves Bridge.

Ground signs on Mount Faber Park, Singapore
If you haven't paid close attention at the signs at Faber Peak, and walk the wrong direction,
this sign on the ground reminds you the right direction for each of the trail.

After the Marang Trail, we backtracked and set foot for Henderson Bridge. Mount Faber Park is one of the 4 parks that are joined together to form the Southern Ridges National Park. Bridges connect these parks. Mount Faber is the 1st and southeastern most of these 4 parks, and the Henderson Waves Bridge is the link between Mount Faber and the next Telok Blangah Hill Park.

(click to enlarge)

Henderson Waves Bridge, Southern Ridges, Singapore
Henderson Waves Bridge

Henderson Road as viewed from Henderson Waves Bridge, Southern Ridges, Singapore
Henderson Road as seen from Henderson Waves Bridge
The Reflections condo could be seen every where

Henderson Road gives rise to the name of the Waves Bridge. This is also the valley between the 2 little hilly bumps of Mount Faber and Telok Blangah Hill.

We planned to walk back to Faber Peak via Mount Faber Loop instead of Mount Faber Road. The idea was so that we could stop and have a look at the Danish Seaman's Church.

After studying the map at the bridge, we decided we simply backtracked Faber Road. This was because the map showed that the Faber Loop was far more lengthy than we thought, with the hot sun beating at our back, and last but not least that the return trip is all the way uphill toward the Faber Peak (as it should be), we gave up the loop idea. Maybe I'll visit the church myself in another time. Also, I just realised after got home that I missed the Merlion on Mount Faber. How can I consider having been to Mount Faber without seeing the Merlion?  It's like reaching Mount Everest without planting the flag (it must be out of room for flags by now). This gives me another reason to return.

Mark my word. I Will be back! (in Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice).

The areal view of the ride down from Faber Peak was actually nicer. For one thing it's several times longer. This is because in my view (no pun intended), the view between HarbourFront Tower and Sentosa is more colourful and interesting. Probably because I found the made-made cityscape far more interesting than the natural landscape, in this case. Mount Faber was built to be viewed from its peak, not from its bottom.

Reflections condo complex, Singapore
the picturesque Reflections condo, and Marina @ Keppel Bay and Keppel Bridge

This Reflections @ Keppel Bay luxury waterfront residential complex has a commanding position, which this aerial view of my ride accentuates further. It's designed by the renown architect Daniel Libeskind who also designed the masterplan for the World Trade Centre Memorial.

As the cable car riding reaching the final leg of its aerial journey, it passed over RWS hotel complex where we graced by a colourful mosaics of blue and turquoise swimming pools, brown tiled roofs, green shrubs, and red sunshades.

Judging from his smiles and comments, he actually enjoyed this ride. Mission accomplished. So far. More tests to be passed.

Singapore Cable Car as viewed from Vivocity shopping mall, Singapore
Singapore Cable Car as viewed from Vivocity shopping mall

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