Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Evening Snack at Shiraz Mazzeh on Orchard Road

When we finished our meeting in Orchard Road, it was 10:30pm. This is on a weekday, and shopping malls on Orchard Road were all closed by that time. We were too hungry to look further for a place to eat.

As we looked around, a brightly lit sign bears the words "Shiraz Mazzeh" were calling us with its changing colours.

Shiraz Mazzeh, Orchard Road, Singapore

If you're from the West and hear the name Shiraz, you tend to think of the red wine, especially if you like to tipple. But if you're from the Middle East, you're likely to associate this name with a city in Iran. And so naturally, this stylish food kiosk sells Middle Eastern food. As we waited for the traffic lights to change from red to green, the kiosk sign change from blue to red.

Shiraz Mazzeh, Orchard Road, Singapore

This seems to be the most attractive option for dinner to us right now. They have 3 options of meat: beef, chicken and premium lamb. That's what had been labeled (see top of photo below). We ordered the lamb kebab wrap, which was then toasted in a sandwich press.

Shiraz Mazzeh, Orchard Road, Singapore

The lamb wasn't bad, and better if it was toasted a little bit longer. It still had some moisture left. Unfortunately the tomato sauce was a bit heavy handed, and it's drown out the natural taste of the premium lamb. Tell them to go easier on the sauce.

Shiraz Mazzeh, Orchard Road, Singapore

For drink, we ordered a pomegranate juice. I used to like eating pomegranate. The juice seemed to be an acquired taste to me now. Strange.

The kebab wrap was $10 SGD, which is a bit of a daylight robbery (in a nighttime) for street food. You could get dinner for $3 in a hawker centre . I supposed you paid for the convenience, and they're the only game in town. Well, around the area. They're in the prime location of Orchard Road just outside Ngee Ann City.

This kind of kebab diner is pretty popular for late night snack among nocturnal party animals who foraging for food in the wee hours of the morning after a night of busy and diligent dancing. Work hard, play hard. Yeah baby!

If I stuck in the similar situation again, I'll probably try their falafel wraps.

There're several - I think 4 altogether - other similar Shiraz Mazzeh kebab diners on Orchard Rd, or near it (on Scotts Rd outside Far East Plaza).

Shiraz Mazzeh, Orchard Road, Singapore
Outside Plaza Singapura 

Shiraz Mazzeh, Scotts Road, Singapore
Outside Far East Plaza

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