Monday, 5 January 2015

The Man Who Makes Minister Mentor Lee Kwan Yew

Outside the Raffles Place MRT station, I saw a guy selling  figurines of Lee Kwan Yew. The figurines are interesting and playful, showing the founding father in various guises and poses. LKY is of course a worthy and natural subject for an artists to create his statuettes.

Lee Kwan Ywe figurines, Singapore

Artist / sculptor
As it turned out, he was there to promote his "museum" (click here for his facebook page). What really struck me more than anything else was the name "Minister Mentor". I thought it was the artist's invention as I had never heard of such official title before.

Lee Kwan Ywe figurines, Singapore
Minister Mentor Museum

As it turns out that Minister Mentor (内阁资政) is an actual cabinet position, which was created in 2004. I guess this role allows the Singapore founding father LKY's continuing political influence, if not political power after his top job as advisor.

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