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Recreating a Slice of Mongkok in Singapore Shopping Mall

Mongkok directory sign, Jurong Point shopping mall, SIngaporeWhen I wrote the article regarding to the Gang, a take-away shop selling HK style "street delights", I discovered "Mongkok Street"in Jurong Point. I felt like the Sam Neil's character, who discovers a dinosaur's footprint (or is it fossil?) in Jurassic Park, thrilled and transfixed, he's totally oblivious to the live dinosaur stands in front of him.

Well, I'm not that thrilled and transfixed about the discovery of The Gang, but you get the drift.

I'm a big fan of HK style Cantonese cooking. The search for it in Singapore has been windy, and resulting in more dead-ends, disappointing misses than hits. I did find a few - too few - that I'm  happy with. Imperial Treasure Windows of Hong Kong @ 111 Somerset is one of the rare hit for me.

Mongkok Signpost
When we found out about the Mongkok theme restaurants in Jurong Point, I'm cautiously delighted as not to lead to disappointment.

This place is probably still not well known to locals because of its newness (only opened a few months ago), and its remoteness (in the West).

A area in Jurong Point 2 shopping mall was set aside to recreate the Mongkok's street-scapes in HK with its flashy, blazing and bewildering array of business neon signs that are designed to fight for pedestrian's attention that's the most visible and defining feature of Kowloon, especially Mongkok district.

Hong Kong Egglet shop, Jurong Point shopping mall, Singapore
Locates at the corner of the entrance to Mongkok eat street
Egglet is very much born in Mongkok

While the whole area is decked up like a mini world of Mongkok, only a handful of eateries are HK related. But Singaporean are known to love themed restaurants. I can't say I don't like it as the whole place feels like a walk down the memory lane for me, and keep my eyes exercised throughout. I feel like a tourist isntead of a shopper / diner.

business neon signs of Mongkok, Jurong Point shopping mall, Singapore business neon signs of Mongkok, Jurong Point shopping mall, Singapore
business neon signs of Mongkok, Jurong Point shopping mall, Singapore business neon signs of Mongkok, Jurong Point shopping mall, Singapore

And guess what? Not long into this Mongkok themed area, I came across The Gang that I mentioned in my previous article.

The Gang Hong Kong Street Delghts, Jurong Point shopping mall, Singapore
The Gang

One can't recreate HK pop culture without referencing its rich comic strip culture. I grew up with Old Master Q (老夫子) comics, and it brought back fond childhood memories aplenty. Never ceases to put a smile on my face.

Old Master Q, Jurong Point shopping mall, Singapore
Old Master Q comics characters
As much as I enjoyed the kaleidoscope of neon signs, I was here to eat. The highlight of this themed shopping area is the HK style restaurant Legendary Hong Kong (港饮港食).

To read the review of Legendary Hong Kong, click here.

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