Friday, 2 January 2015

Hong Kong Street Eats in Singapore Shopping Mall

If you walk around Kowloon HK, especially Mongkok, it won't take long before you see a a cart noodle (車仔麵) shop/restaurant with kitchen setup in the front of the restaurant so that they can sell their toppings directly to passing pedestrians. This is because there're more locals eating the toppings than the cart noodles itself. Or more take-aways than sit-downs.

The locals buy the toppings as quick snacks, eating on the go (like eating ice cream in the West). A skewer of fish balls or squid, or a cup of pig skins (my fave) for a quick cure of the stomach rumblings or just indulge your tastebuds a little.

Food counter outside a cart noodle restaurant selling cart noodle toppings in Tsimshatsui, HK

The cart noodle topping stalls are quite uniquely HK, and I haven't seen it in Singapore until yesterday when I visited Jem shopping mall next to Jurong East MRT station and discovered The Gang (街邊黨).

The Gang, Gem, Jurong East, Singapore
The Gang Hong Kong Street Delights
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While the variety of the toppings or "street delights" are limited, there were the common ones like fish balls, pig skins, etc.

Street eats: pig skins, fish balls,
Some of the offerings of the street delights
Anyone in the know like my sis-in-law will recognise instantly from the photo that the top left corner tray contains street imitation shark's fin soup (碗仔翅). Don't worry, for those who's unaware, this is imitation shark's fin. There's not a slither of real shark's fin.

Of course, we immediately ordered a few things; among them is my very fave pig skins.

 The pig skins didn't let me down, but the fish balls are somewhat disappointing, but Ada found it okay. But then, she's really an expert in HK street delights.

All in all, it was ok. It's good for those  who want to relive the Hong Kong experience. I would come back, but any time soon.

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