Monday, 15 December 2014

St Andrew's Cathedral Christmas Displays

St Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore

On my way to Funan Digital Mall to get my camera fixed, I was attracted by the Xmas decorations on the lawn of St Andrew's Cathedral.

I'm guessing that this church has a modern outlook basing on 2 observations.

The 1st is their Xmas displays (note I use the word 'Xmas', not 'Christmas'. I, too, am keeping up with the time. It's about time).

Instead of relying on the traditional life-like statues for the dioramas to depict various Biblical scenes, they use the more playful Lego/cartoon//robot-like figures, turning the festivity into a more joyful ho-ho-ho, and less of a ho-hum mood. Thus, much more children friendly.

The scene of the 3 Magi, St Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore
There're 3 camels. Where's the 3rd Magi (or Wise Man)?
Perhaps he's still waiting to be coming out of the woodwork (so to speak)?

Another observation comes from the explanation that was posted next to the above scene of the 3 Kings as follows:

The church is more interested in the historical facts than what's presented in the Old Testament.

Nativity scene, St Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore
the Nativity scene

Part of a Nativity scene, St Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore
Holy Cow?

Baby Jesus, St Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore
Medium Close up of Baby Jesus

More close-up of Baby Jesus. Okay, now I can read the warning...
The Baby Jesus is so children friendly that such warning becomes necessary.

Newly weds using Cathedral backdrop for wedding photos

Happy Xmas !

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