Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Light-Up in Singapore 2014

  Putting on its Xmas Best  
Since Christmas is a Western tradition, While it's becoming more commercialised over the years, there's still a tradition behind it in the West. This is a quiet time for family gathering. For Singapore, Christmas is nothing but a commercial holiday without long tradition associated with it. In Singapore, the Chinese New Year tradition is more similar to the Christmas, and god of Fortune is most similar to Santa as I made that comparison in my article here.

Orchard Road street decorations during Christmas 2014
Orchard Road street decorations

More than a month before Santa puts on his red suit, the mega shopping malls on Orchard Road - the Mecca of Shopping - have been dressed up its Xmas' best dress.

Christmas decorations, Orchard Road, Singapore

To spur the spirit of Christmas decorations further, the Orchard Road people organised a Best Dressed Building Contest to ensure that the shopping malls outdo one another in its decorations. With all that shopping malls that all dressed up and no where to go because they're posing for the photographers, it would be rude not to shoot them. I don't shop until I drop, I shoot until I nute (farting without sound).

  ION Orchard  

ION Orchard, Christmas decorations, Orchard Road, Singapore
ION Orchard normally dazzles the shoppers with its glittering fronts, now it sizzles with Christmas colours

  Ngee Ann City  
In contrast, Ngee Ann City / Takashimaya is quite subdue on the outside. Still, a tall artificial Christmas tree stands tall in its foyer.

Christmas Tree, Takashimaya, Orchard Road, Singapore Christmas Tree, Takashimaya, Orchard Road, SingaporeChristmas Tree, Takashimaya, Orchard Road, Singapore

  Orchard Central  
OC (Orchard Central) seems to take the Best Dressed Building Competition pretty seriously, and looking pretty pretty. And their efforts paid off with the winning of Voters' Choice for the Best Dressed Building.

Christmas decoration, Orchard Central, Orchard Road, SingaporeChristmas decoration, Orchard Central, Orchard Road, Singapore

But the Judges' Choice winner for the Best Dressed Building went to Paragon.

  Wheelock Place  
Wheelock Place is a building with a cone shaped glass structure of a Christmas tree. During Xmas, they just need to deck out some lights behind the glass structure, and presto, they have erected the tallest Xmas tree on the street with minimum efforts. They should top it with a big Star of Bethlehem to complete the finishing touch.

Wheelock Place, Orchard Road, Singapore
Wheelock Place

While Orchard Road stole the limelights for the best dressed buildings, all other large shopping malls - and Singapore has galore - put in their efforts.

Vivocity is a large shopping malls known by many tourists because of its links to Sentosa Island. You maybe mistaken to think Vivocity forget it's Christmas time from its absence of Christmas trinkets at its main entrance. To see its Christmas displays, you need to go to their rooftop.

  Other Shopping Malls  
Others less impressive, but more interesting Christmas displays,

Christmas trees with decorated with DVDs
A Christmas DISC-play?

Christmas display
An electrifying display ?
Look at the sign at the bottom centre of the photo. (click to enlarge)

Happy Xmas !

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