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Munich Grand Segway tour (English)

The following content of this page is a identical copy of this official page. This page will remain in my blog for future reference for my diary on this Segway tour just in case of the possibility that this page may change its URL or going to be removed in the future in their site (as is happening so often on the internet). I'm sure they don't mind. After all, I'm giving them free publicity.

Munich Grand Segway tour (English)
Tour Description

Our Grand City Segway Tour is the perfect tour for both those new to the city and Munich veterans.

For the beginners, this tour will offer you a fantastic orientation and give you an opportunity to see virtually all of the sites you’ve read about as well as hidden ones off the beaten path. Through the various sights and stops we’ll make Munich’s history from humble beginnings to contemporary force come alive.

For the veterans, we’re positive you’ll learn new facts and stories about Munich that you’ve never heard. And we’re sure you’ll both agree that riding a Segway - and being part of an intimate tour - is the best way to see the city. Come join us for an unforgettable time!

In about 4 hours on our Day City Segway Tour we’ll show you all the main sights of Munich, stopping every few hundred meters to soak them in, hear fascinating anecdotes, take pictures, and discuss Munich’s history. Your knowledgeable native English-speaking guide will also explain present-day facts and lifestyle facets about Munich while being available to answer your questions. You’ll have a great time as you glide by the sights and everyone - and we mean everyone - stops to take a look at us!

Tour Highlights


Home of Munich’s first museum and impressive Ancient Greek architecture, Königsplatz is a showcase of Ludwig I’s endeavors to transform Munich into the Athens on the Isar.


Grandiose in scale, it’s home to Bavaria’s parliament and now also a school for the gifted.


Time stands still in Munich’s gem of a farmers’ market.

Englischer Garten

One of Europe’s largest municipal parks, this park and its beer gardens have become a Munich icon.
Jewish Museum

This striking yet harmonious museum is much more than a story of the Holocaust.
The Pinakotheken
From the pre-renaissance to postmodern, these world class museums in the "museum quarter" have something for every taste.
Deutsches Museum

Germany’s first and largest technical museum, its hands-on exhibits are fun and exciting for the whole family.

Built in 1896 to celebrate twenty-five years of peace after German Unification.


Bizarre, tolerated, and not-to-be-missed are the surfers riding the waves in the Englischer Garten.

Munich's prestigious university was also the site of the White Rose resistance movement, when students defied National Socialism. For distributing pamphlets they were sentenced to death.

Bavarian Chancellory

The Staatskanzlei, or Bavarian Chancellory, is a harmonious mix of original and post-WWII architecture and sits nestled at the edge of the former royal gardens.


This majestic courtyard behind the former royal palace is meticulously kept, a great spot for pictures, and site of some of Munich's best street performers.


Home of the longest ruling dynasty, the Wittelsbach family, we explore numerous courtyards of this extravagant royal palace turned museum at the end of Germany’s most expensive shopping street.


Beneath the illustrious Feldhernhalle and magnificent Theatinerkirche lies part of Munich’s darker past: Hitler’s failed Beer Hall Putsch ended here.

Each of our tours begins with a 30-minute orientation session in the plaza and park next to our office. We will practice on the Segways so that everyone feels comfortable and ready to go out and conquer Munich. The Segway is appropriate for virtually anyone aged 15 and older, provided they possess a motor vehicle license. Minors under the age of 18 must either be accompanied by an adult or have an adult complete our insurance paperwork in advance of the tour. Unfortunately, anyone under the age of 15 and pregnant women will not be permitted to participate. Again, you must be at least 15 years of age to participate. IDs will be checked for those looking underage.

For insurance policy stipulations, we are required to take a EUR 200,- damage deposit per party to cover damages to the Segway. This deposit will be taken by credit card (Visa, MC, or Amex) or cash at the time of the tour and refunded afterwards provided no damage to the Segway has been sustained.

Additionally, City Segway Tours has a strict policy against alcohol consumption and Segway operation. Alcohol is forbidden on all Segway tours and any client suspected of drinking before or during a Segway tour will immediately forfeit their tour and no refund will be given.

Please also wear flat, comfortable footwear. Flip-flop sandals and high-heeled shoes are not safe while riding Segways.

Lastly, participants must weigh between 100 lbs (45 kgs) and 255 lbs (117kgs) to use the machine properly.

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