Sunday, 26 October 2014

Michael Jackson Shrine in Munich

A Michael Jackson Shrine stands in a park in front of the 5☆ Bayerischer Hof Hotel. The location of the shrine was said to be that because Michael Jackson had stayed in this hotel a few times while he was in Munich.

Bayerischer Hof Hotel, Munich, Germnay
Bayerischer Hof Hotel
A casual observer (as supposed to MJ hardcore fan) like me would immediately asking, "Is this the hotel where Michael Jacket dangled a small Blanket on a balcony with a towel over Blanket's head?"

The answer is no. The confusion is understandable because both of these hotels are in Germany. The one he held Blanket (or more formally Prince Michael II) in the balcony was in the hotel in Berlin. As you can see there's no balcony in this hotel. Well, there's balcony on level 1 or 2nd floor (depends on the country you live in) of this hotel, which is far lower than the Berlin hotel.

Michael Jackson Shrine, Munich, Germnay Michael Jackson Shrine, Munich, Germnay

My tour guide told me that the shrine is now looked after by an housewife, who's obviously quite a fan of MJ. She appears in these photos as she tends to the shrine quite attentively. Judging from the offerings of flowers, notes and other things, he has lots of fans in Munich. Who would have expected that?

Michael Jackson Shrine at the statue of Orlando di Lasso, Munich, Germnay Michael Jackson Shrine, Munich, Germnay

There're a few statues on this small park, the choice of the pedestal of the statue that was converted into MJ Shrine was probably more by design than by accident. This statue belongs to musician Orlando di Lasso (also Roland de Lattre) and was one of the most influential musician in the late Renaissance Europe.

It is said that a proper place for a MJ shrine or memorial will be built as soon as there's enough funds. This is where he stays, for now, next to the place where he stayed where he was alive.

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