Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mandala Day Spa Review

Mandala Day Spa

I was overdue for a massage. Long overdue. Since I asked Ada to organise the massage for both of us, I have no idea what to expect, except that it will going to a day spa of some sort.

Aerial view of Budapest, Hungary
Budapest as viewed from Fisherman's Bastion showing Margaret Bridge

 The Place 
Location: Only a few streets (0.5 km) north of Margaret Bridge. Just right underneath the copyright symbol in the above photo.

The Vibe: It's quiet with soothing background music. While the business premise is closed to city centre, it's in a quiet neighbourhood.

Set-up: An upscale day spa with customers (while I was there) that was typically of a day spa anywhere: they're mostly females, followed by couples, and occasional males.

It has Indochinese Hindu-Buddhist not dissimilar to Siam Spa and Mystic Temple I visited in Prague. While Mystic Temple impressed the customers with its Japanese gadget toilet, this place impressed us with palm activated doors. If the posh traditional oriental decor doesn't impress the customers, the technology should.

The place has separate lockers, showers and toilets for men and women, which also includes a sauna in them.

The waiting room, however, is common to both male and female customers. This is more than a waiting room, but an area where customers can relax, and enjoy their various choices of food and drink.

In the massage rooms cater for the couples - such as the ones Ada and me used - there's also a large bathtub. Don't expect the masseuse going to give you a back scrub. This is for the couples to use in private after the massage.

This setup is a similar but simpler setup than many health spas such as Sunny Paradise in Hong Kong or Singapore. While the range of services and facilities of this place isn't quite as comprehensive as those in East Asia, but they were catered with more of men in mind. Even if the East Asian counterparts like Sunny Paradise caters for both men and woman, they aren't catering for the couples like Mandala Day Spa. This seemed to me to be their selling point.

 The Massage 
We ordered Head to Toe Rebalancing with aromatherapy oil. This was the closest thing to deep tissue massage. The massage started with the choosing of aroma oil. I usually picked my usual lavender oil that I used to.

I was slightly surprise when the masseuses turned out to be local Hungarian, especially after the experience in Prague like 2 similar massage places I mention above where masseuses were Thai. But then, living standard in Budapest is lower here than Prague's.

We asked for strong massages. They started reasonably firm, but still fell short of what I expected. But I understood that what I expect is way above the strength of what most people would find comfortable, and can even endure. And people - in general - come to get massages that wouldn't inflict pain. So I didn't say anything. But my masseuse must have read my mind, and asked if I wanted even stronger. I was delightfully surprise with the pro-active service attitude.

While her massage skill wasn't quite met my standard, but her effort did more than met my expectation. I don't blame her for her skill because it depends on her training, and personal preference.

We were asked to fill out feedback forms when we checked out. This management policy ensures their customer service standard. Any less than satisfying customer's comment would go onto a written record.

Overall Score:  8.5 / 10.

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