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We were going to start our Danube River tour in Prague ( Click here for the itinerary of the Legend of Danube). As there's no direct international flight from Singapore to this old capital of the newly-minted capitalist Czech republic, we needed to make a few transport connections to get there.

First, we flew from Singapore to Frankfurt, which is the closest city from Prague that has an international flight. And then got to Prague from Germany.

Initially, we were thinking of spending some time in Frankfurt on our own before joining the Danube tour. Because of an organised event - I believe it's an international Book Fair - the price of hotel rooms in Frankfurt had been jacked up to something like $550+ a night. This is bedtime robbery or hotel nightmare.

No problemo. Since we had been to Frankfurt before, we were handed out a couple of excuses to get acquainted with another German city of Cologne. Sounds good (we hoped the au de cologne smells good too).

Like our previous Europe trip, the trip is going to include a lot of planes, trains, and automobiles.

Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt Airport in the dawn (7:30 local time)

After touchdown and baggage claim at the Frankfurt Airport, we need to take a long-distance train (Fernbahnhof) to get to Cologne. As it was raining and being a foreigner, it was good that we could get to Fernbahof without leaving the airport.

Fernbahnhof, long-distant train, Frankfurt, Germany
Going to Fernbahnhof

We bought 1st Class ticket for the ICE 614 train. Because we had more than the planned 1 hours of waiting (turned out to be more because of delay), the 1st Class ticket allowed us access to the lounge, free wi-fi, drinks and caffeine. Nice to have for paying a little extra. The lounge locates at the level between train platform and airport arrival.

1st class lounge for the Fernbahnhof, Frankfurt, Germany
1st class lounge for the Fernbahnhof in Frankfurt airport

ICE train, Frankfurt, Germany
ICE (Inter City Express) train in Fernbahnhof in Frankfurt Airport

The 1st class ticket let you stay in a room with table on the train. It has wifi, but it's not free. Despite the room, you aren't necessarily getting more privacy than the economy because there're 6 passenger seats in a room that you would share with others.

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