Friday, 10 October 2014

Eating Flammkuchen at Hafen Terrasse

After our visit to Chocolate Museum, we did lunch at Hafen Terrasse (or Hafenterrasse "Harbour Terrace") that locates just outside the Chocolate Museum on the other side of the bridge. It's a typical German beer garden (biergarten), but you can order food at a food kiosk/stand just at its entrance.

View of  Hafen Terrasse from Chocolate Museum, Cologne, Germany
View of  Hafenterrasse from Chocolate Museum. Good place to have lunch on a nice day.

Food kiosk at Hafen Terrasse, Cologne, Germany
Food kiosk at Hafen Terrasse. The signs up the top shows that they sell
Salate (salad), Flammkuchen, grillwurst (sausages) and Pommes Frites (french fries)

The kiosk / stand had no English menu. Like a blind man, I took a stab in the dark and ordered a "hot dog" and a flammkuchen klassisch. The vendor didn't understand what hot dog was, so I said I wanted a sausage in a bun.

Flammkuchen (or tarte flambĂ©e if you live in France) is a "German pizza". It maybe unfair to call it German pizza. Maybe we should call pizza Italian flammkuchen if the German invented this dough that's cooked in wood-fried oven earlier. In any case, pizza is much more well known than flammkuchen because of the widespread Italian immigrants.

Flammkuchen klassisch I ordered at Hafen Terrasse 

This was the 1st time my lucky taste buds got a taste of this "German pizza". It's like a light, thin, fluffy and crusty version of the Italian pizza. Instead of tomato sauce, it has cream cheese instead. So the lightness is balanced by the heavy cream cheese.

The one I ordered was a classic toppings with bacon bits and onions. Other toppings are also available, if only I could read a word of Deutsch sprache.

The hot dog wasn't shabby either. Too bad I can't drink beer. It would complete the German fare to a perfect tee. Very lovely lunch.

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