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Maritim Hotel, Dusseldorf, Germany
Maritim Hotel
Düsseldorf was nothing but a transit stop, or more accurately, a interchange from Cologne train to the airport for a flight to Prague (I told you there're a lot of connected trip in this journey).

We were thinking of spending time in both Cologne and Düsseldorf. A little research (otherwise known as googling) suggested that Cologne has more to offer. Quality over quantity, and so we decided to only do sightseeing in Cologne, and gave Düsseldorf the flick. We just had a windows' view of Düsseldorf. I.e. train windows, hotel windows, airport windows, and plane's windows.

We  arrived here quite late in the day.

We never stayed in an airport hotel before because we never faced a sleep-and-fly situation before. Maritim Hotel is a modern sleek airport hotel with no bells and whistles, meaning no tea kettle, and needless to say, no cups.

These are airport views I could see outside my hotel window.

Dusseldorf airport, Germany Dusseldorf airport, Germany

Despite sleeping in the walking distance to an airport, I can't say I recall any noise of air-plane take-off.

We booked the flight from Dusseldorf to Prague with Czech Airline. After moving from the boarding gate to the plane, the airport shuttle stopped in front of a twin-engine aircraft, I heard the gasps from a German lady, yelling, "Oh Gott!"

Its size was somewhat unexpected for an international flight, even if it was a short flight. I wasn't so much shock, but marveled by the fact that these 2 little pair of rotor blades could take all of us into the sky.  I guess we always associate twin-engine aircraft with private jet that takes a few passengers. Not some 50 of us. I think the plane had some 60 seats, about the number of passengers in a city bus.

Czech Airline twin-engine aircraft, Dusseldorf airport, Germany
Only 5 short steps to board the flight. Easy and rapid boarding.

4 seats per row
Another surprise it's how much interior room there're than one would imagine. In any case, I slept like a baby on this flight.

Despite the initial surprise (pleasant or otherwise), its landing was the softest I had ever experienced. Perhaps due to its light weight.

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