Friday, 17 October 2014

Danube Day 3: Danube Gorge

  13 º C

This is part of our off-shore excursion of the Avalon River Cruise to Weltenburg Abbey. We cruised down Danube Gorge to get there.

Cruise boat, Danube Gorge, Germany
The boat we boarded

Going there in October has its plus and minus. Its minus was the autumn rain while the plus was the autumn colours of the plants. Both sides of the Gorge were ablaze with brilliant red, brown and yellow leaves. So much more enticing than the usual green.

Danube Gorge, Germany
Dazzling autumn colours

Danube Gorge, Germany
The raindrops on my camera lens adds a certain quality

Well, weather was all too unpredictable these days. According to the local guide, some years, this area could be snowing at this time. We brought the unusual warm and sunny weather with us during this trip, until today. It could be like this since day 1 of our trip. Instead, we had some pretty great to okay weather in the last 8 days. Even at 13 º C, it's still quite warm for this time of the year around here. Lady Luck was smiling on us.

Even this drizzling weather lends a quiet meditative tone to this place of nature and abbey.

One more bonus while travelling in this low season (well, somewhere between low season of winter and high season of summer) is the relatively low tourist crowds.

Misty forest, Danube Gorge, Germany
The cold damp weather brought mist to the hills that made the landscape more ethereal.
You're unlikely to see this in sunny days. A perfect backdrop for an abbey...

Misty forest, Danube Gorge, Germany Misty forest, Danube Gorge, Germany
Misty forest, Danube Gorge, Germany Misty forest, Danube Gorge, Germany

With some imagination, locals given some names to the several rock formations on both sides of the Gorge.

"Beehive" rock formation, Danube Gorge, Germany
This one is called the "beehive"

"Pulpit" Rock formation, Danube Gorge, Germany
The "pulpit"

Rock formation, Danube Gorge, Germany
This certainly looks like some human figure.
A separate rock plate on its top makes it look either a halo or some headgear.

From this angle, doesn't it look like the outer space creature in Aliens the movie?

The narrow, Danube Gorge, Germany
The narrow of the Gorge

Statue of a bishop, Danube Gorge, Germany
Statue of a bishop (I'm guessing from the habit)

Can you find the bishop?

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