Thursday, 9 October 2014

Cologne Day 1: Brauhaus Sion Restaurant

We decided to check out local German cuisine while in Cologne. When we walked past this restaurant around dinnertime, we saw the "Since 1381" sign. After checking out the menu, it read like Deutsche food, so we decided to give it a try. If the business has managed to survive longer than the Hasbeen  (sorry the Habsburgs), it must have done something right.

Business Sign, Brauhaus Sion, Cologne, Germany

Rstaurant sign, Brauhaus Sion, Cologne, Germany

We ordered 3 dishes: a veal sausage (well, what's more German than that?), a goulash, and a mussels dish.

I won't order any sausage again. I guess we expected grilled sausages. It was boiled. A disappointing choice. The goulash was nice with the beef wasn't dried due to stewing. It was just slightly salty for my taste. The mussels didn't suck at all (despite having 2 valves). They were tender and juicy. I couldn't finish it because it came in a pot. Ja, das big pot. It had at least 80+ of those suckers. I expected that it come in a plate because it cost only €18. In Singapore or Sydney, it would be 1/2 or even 1/3 the size (In London or Paris, you would probably get only a dozen for that price). It was done in a pepper and onion soup to kill the fishy smell. If you're a mussels lover, you can't pass on this.

Etta was probably right, it has lasted this long because of the beer. Well, "Brauhaus" is German for "Brew House". Hey, this is Germany.

Still, it's an interesting experience to dine in a Cologne restaurant with such history almost 3.5 times longer than the British Australia and more than 14 times older than Singapore. Just realised that I'm a citizen of 2 countries that are far younger than a restaurant.

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