Friday, 24 October 2014

Budapest to Munich by Train


We took the 7 hours OBB Railjet 64 train from Budapest to Munich. Why train (and not air-plane)?

OBB Railjet train, Keleti Terminal, Budapest, Hungary
OBB Railjet train, Keleti Terminal
Since our hotels in both Budapest and Munich are much closer to the 2 train stations than airports, and the check-in time for train is so much less than for airports, as far as time saving is concerned, we wouldn't save a lot of time by flying.

Keleti Terminal, Budapest, Hungary
Keleti Terminal in Budapest
Lobby, Keleti Terminal, Budapest, Hungary
Lobby, Keleti Terminal
With train, you see a lot more, much more comfortable, and last but not least, much cheaper. With the availability of free wifi and power points (below the seats), I could make productive use of the 7 hours journey (when I'm not busy looking out the windows). Just because I'm on holiday doesn't mean I can't be efficient and productive. Otherwise, it's simply a good chance for a rest before another leg of the journey starts.

It seemed that wifi wasn't available until the train got out of Hungary. Beware of tunnels, they're wifi killers. In general, it's not very stable. Just don't do anything crucial.

Beef Goulash
Beef goulash on OBB Railjet
Did I mention the food is better than airline food?

speed report on OBB Railjet, Europe
Speed report and station stops info screen
The train can reach a top speed of 260 km/h. Most of the time, it stayed under 160 km/h. Within Hungary, it had never exceeded 160 km/h.

The cheapest way to get our OBB Railjet ticket is via Hungarian Railway website. This is because the tickets sold by this website are priced for Hungarian (as supposed to Germans and Austrians prices in the OBB website). When you purchase the ticket from this website, they give you a code, which you then entering into one of the ticket machines in Keleti Terminal to get a printout of the ticket.

Ticket for OBB Railjet
OBB Railjet ticket printout
We bought 1st class tickets that provide roomier seats, and meals are brought to you. If you sit in the economy, meals are self-served, meaning that you have to eat your meal at the dining room.

After Vienna, the scenery became more hilly.

The hills are alive with the Sounds of Music,
The wi-fis are dead with the many tunnels.

The best scenery appears on our windows between Salzburg and Munich like a nature documentary on a 100-inch 3D HDTV. Nice.

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