Saturday, 27 September 2014

Wonder Full Light and Water Show


I remember that when I lived in Hong Kong back in 2009, the Victoria Harbour hosted a nightly light show called the "Symphony of Lights", and I wonder if there's something similar in Singapore. As it turned out, there is, and it's called "Wonder Full Light & Water Spectacular".

Wonder Full Light and Water Spectacular, Marina Bay, Singapore

While I shouldn't make comparison and should enjoy them in their own rights, but the critic in me can't help it.

The Hong Kong one is obviously started early because when I watched the HK show in 2009, the Marine Bay Sands Hotel hadn't been even on the drawing board (maybe it was already on the drawing board, but its grand opening was in Feb 2011). I mentioned Marina Bay Sands because this spectacular is projected and coordinated by the Hotel and its associated buildings like its shops and the ArtScience Museum.

While the HK's light show is far more sweeping and involving many buildings, the Singaporean one is much more concentrated and offer the Water as well as the Light show. Because the HK's laser lights are so spread out, it's lessened its visual impact. In art, less is more, and is applicablle here.

Overall, I say the Singapore one is more visually stunning, especially the Water show.

Actually you can't really see both the Light and Water shows at the same time. They're really 2 separate shows that occur the same time. Well, you can watch both from east side of the Bay (left side of the map below). As the water show takes place just in front of the west side of the Bay (Event Plaza), the water fountains are tiny viewing from the east side, and the background music and sound effect aren't very audible.

Best vantage points for viewing the Wonder Full Light and Water Spectacular
(click to enlarge)

The best thing would be viewing them one by one. As there're 2 shows a night at 8pm and 9:30pm. You can watch one, and walk to the opposite side of the Bay to watch the other. On Friday and Saturday, the show also repeats for night owls on 11pm.

The soundtrack that accompanies the light show is broadcast live on 103.9FM, which is the official station of the Marina Bat Sands. So you can turn on the radio on your ghetto blaster while watching the show. Perhaps, the spectator would watch you instead of the show.

In the Youtube video bellow that I made, because I can't get my hand on the actual orchestral piece that's specifically designed for this light show, I just make use a public domain classical score to accompany the video. Not perfect, but I think it works okay. In some places, the audio score synchronise with the video action so well it's spooky.

If you're pressing for time, and have only time to see one show, your choice should be the Water Show. It's much more interesting. It's more than a "water" show, it combines water droplets, fountains, laser lights and fire, sound and music to give the total evocative (or using their own words, wonderful) effect.

Wonder Full Light and Water Spectacular, Marina Bay, Singapore Wonder Full Light and Water Spectacular, Marina Bay, Singapore

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