Saturday, 13 September 2014

National Lion Dance Championships 2014


There's always something going on Orchard Road, especially this time of the year when Mid-Autumn Festival, and F1 Racing coming. I didn't know anything about this Lion Dance Championships, and only all too delighted when I realised it was the last day of the competition. So I decided to stick around and watch it.

National Lion Dance Championships 2014, Singapore

This may be all part of the Mid-Autumn celebration, I'm guessing.

National Lion Dance Championships 2014, Singapore
One of the team making their appearance

National Lion Dance Championships 2014, Singapore
Moving the posts or stumps into position
National Lion Dance Championships 2014, Singapore
Testing out the posts before the competition starts

Every team brought in their own posts/stands/stumps. The lion dancers are going to perform with their difficult maneuvre on top of these posts. One false slip of the foot, and they came tumbling down. It happened a few times during the competition. Some just jumped right back onto the posts and resumed the match. Points will be deducted for falling. One team fell so hard, they had to forfeit. You could see it in the video (if I remember correctly).

I always had the mistaken belief that the lion dancer in the front of the 2-man lion dancing does all the heavy lifting (of the lion head). I had to change my mind after tonight. The rear member had
to lift the front member a lot of the times. Of course, it's a close-knit teamwork.

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